Most entrepreneurs market their business half-heartedly. One month they’re marketing machines the next they are too busy and marketing goes out the window. Inconsistency with your marketing plan creates inconsistency with your new-client-flow. You can create a system that will promote an on-going marketing flow and stop the roller coaster ride!

Stop and think back for a minute … Being on a roller coaster ride was probably an exciting, exhilarating experience when you where a child: Wind Whirling, Circular Motion, Bright Colors Flashing and then the scariest part was always the “drop”. When it comes to your business it can feel the same: exciting when a new client signs on and scary when you experience an income “drop”. As the income roller coaster starts to “drop” you start to doubt yourself…

“Can I REALLY do this?”

“Will I survive this?”

“Can I bounce back?”

You relate to this roller coaster ride, yes? We’ve all ridden it. And I want to tell you something so really listen up, ok? I’ve never met ANYONE who can’t be financially successful as a healer, a coach, or an entrepreneur with heart and soul. BUT … I have come across so many who don’t believe that they can. And it is this energy that leads to many mis-matched marketing decisions. And it is this energy that leads to mis-use of money. And it is this energy that leads to avoidance, blame and procrastination. So I have one word for you – STOP.

Instead ask yourself “How Can I?”

Know that you can.

You can pull through.
You can be the guide of your business.
You can set up systems that ensure that you won’t experience an income drop again.
Most important: you can set your mind so that if there is an income drop you don’t take it drastically. You don’t freak out. You don’t panic. Instead you immediately open up to: “What am I being asked to see here?” “How can I?”

Make the shift.

Manage your energy and mindset on a daily basis.

Create a marketing system that goes into your calendar daily, weekly, bi-Monthly, quarterly and annually.
Fill in your marketing calendar for the next 6 months.

Start with the next 30 Days and then plug in daily actions.

Once you’ve created this energetical and practical process you will support yourself in staying off the income roller coaster ride.

Hint: And then as your business grows it will so easy to pass this system on to an assistant!

Focused Energy + Marketing Plan = Steady Client Flow + Predictable Income Flow

Your Call To Action

1. What energy do you want activated in your marketing?

2. Set that intention on a daily basis.

3. Start to fill in your next 30 days Marketing Plan and plug in daily actions in your calendar.

4. Then proceed to fill in your marketing calendar for the next 6 months

5. Let 2010 be the year you REALLY begin!

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Heather Dominick, founder of the EnergyRICH(R) Success System for Entrepreneurs, a proven step-by-step system that allows you to bridge your passion to 6-figure profit! Get started right away with your free business success kit:

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