Lots of guys want to learn how they can know if a woman likes them. I used to drive myself insane worrying about this, myself.

Signs That a Girl Likes You:

Here are some obvious give away signs she is interested in you. If you pay attention to certain hints, you can know when a woman is into you.

Does she take the time to spend extra time with you? A lot of people don't make that extra effort to hang out with other people they don't like. So, she might only see you as a great pa, but than again she might not...

Does she ever spend time flirting with you? If so, then she probably sees you as attractive on some level. Most women don't like to come off as a slut because they're conservative when it comes to starting things with men. You should flirt back if are attracted to her. If you allow it, flirting can take you past the "just friends" stage.

Does she ask you any questions that sound like something you would ask on a first date? For example, "who is your biggest role model?" Take it a s a compliment that she is interested enough to memorize some hokey first date questions. This is a major clue whether or not she likes you.

What does her body language tell you? She will most likely find a reason to touch you or stand closer to you if she is interested in you. Proceed like you would in the second point that I listed above about flirting.

Are her friends always asking you annoying questions about her? Women like to tell their friends about men that they are interested in, so pay attention if her friends ask you a bunch of pointless questions. Girls will tell their friends how they feel about you. So pay attention if her friends ask you a bunch of pointless questions.

Try not to worry about this stuff much. Feel comfortable with the thought of her being interested in you. It's pretty tiring stressing about this, use your energy on more important things.

Why wouldn't she want to be with you? You're a great guy, right?

If you don't think you're a guy with much to offer, then you need to work on you self esteem and confidence. Once you get more confidence, women will see that and be instantly attracted to you.

Just assume she does like you and follow my advice. Most girls love to follow the lead of an assertive man, so if you take things to a more physical level, you might find that she just happens to follow suit.

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Brian Broderick used to be a shy "nice guy" that was totally clueless with women. Now in a relationship with his perfect woman, he enjoys helping other men reach their dating goals.

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