If you thought that separation anxiety only happened in humans, you are incorrect. Your dog can suffer from separation anxiety as well. Fortunately, you can train your dog to get over it.

It is vital in any type of dog training to assert your dominance as the pack leader. Establishing yourself as the alpha will get rid of most of your dog’s behavioral problems. Most dogs who have separation anxiety feel they are the alpha, and thus, get upset when you leave him as he feels he has to take care of you and worries about you while you are gone.

You also do not want your dog to be very attached to you. If your dog is more independent, he will not have as many issues when you leave him for a time. Have others in the home take on caring and feeding tasks for the dog, so he doesn’t only see you as his sole source of love and attention. In addition, do not make it a big deal every time you leave the house or arrive home.

It is important to utilize positive reinforcement methods so your dog can learn that it is not bad when he is alone. Always ignore his behavior when it is bad and reward good behavior. A good example is commanding him to stay and then walking out of the room. If he stays sitting there when you leave and come back into the room, give him a treat and healthy rub on the head. He will learn that it is okay for him to be in one place and you in another.

Consistency is important, so practice this technique regularly during the day, going further and further away from your dog each time and taking longer and longer to return to your dog. Make sure to always reward him upon your return if he has stayed in place and waited patiently for you to come back.

Each time your dog gets up to follow you, take him back to his original position and remind him that he has to stay there until you come back. However, do not punish your dog for not staying as this will have a negative impact on your training attempts.
Whatever method of training you choose, make sure that you are training your dog in a positive manner.

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