Are you looking for a new job? Would you like to know the secrets to set yourself apart from other job candidates during the interview? If you follow some of the basic tenets of Feng Shui, you can give yourself an advantage during your next job interview.

Choose the Right Colors
The colors you wear can impact the success of your interview, and green or blue are viewed most favorably by potential employers. These colors represent growth, potential and possibilities.

Avoid wearing all black or all white as these colors can represent limited hope or possibilities. Try to avoid wearing bright red or other aggressive colors that may signal argumentativeness or hint that you may cause difficulties in a place of business.

Before the Interview
Arrive early and spend a few minutes outside the building centering yourself in silence. Collect your thoughts and just pay attention to your breath. This moment of silence will allow you to be more grounded within the interview process and more present in the moment, able to answer questions more easily. Take nine deep breaths prior to the interview where you can visualize breathing in white light, natural light, sun light that burns up all of your negative thoughts, feelings and emotions then converts into black smoke that you release upon exhale.

If you have the option, position yourself in the command position during the interview. The command position:
• Gives you sight of the door, without putting you directly in line with the door;
• Does not put your back to the door;
• Is not directly behind the door.

Sitting in the command position puts you in a more secure and stable state, so you’ll feel more in control during the interview process and be able to answer more clearly.

During the Interview
During the interview process, consider the energy you’re sending out to your employer carefully. Think about expanding your aura into the room to bring calmness, confidence and sincerity to the space. This helps all those around you. Those interviewing you will sense a well-grounded, positive energy emanating from you.

Pay attention to your body language. Be aware of what you’re feeling inside, as you may be communicating your emotions on the outside, as well. Many people, when they get nervous, make a washing machine – side-to-side – motion or fidget and move around in their chair. These movements convey nervous energy and a lack of confidence.

Attempt to mimic, at times, the body language of your interviewer. Anthony Robbins refers to this as mirroring others to build rapport and likeability.

Post-Interview Follow-up
After you have completed the interview, keep the chi of moving water, which represents prosperity, flowing for you by sending a note or email to those who interviewed you. Thank them for their time and add any other information that may be relevant to the conversation. In these times of e-mail communications, a handwritten message on professional-looking stationery or a note card will stand out.

Of course, always take the basic steps of preparing for a job interview. Practice the answers to common questions in the mirror and learn about the company where you applied for a job. If you are well-prepared for an interview and well-qualified for the position, following these Feng Shui tips before, during and after the interview process will give you the advantage over other candidates.

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Celebrity Feng Shui Consultant and Speaker, Ken Lauher, helps individuals and their environments enhance their quality of life through time-tested techniques. His inspiring work with celebrities and corporations has made him a sought-after speaker on Feng Shui and life enhancement. Visit his site for your free Feng Shui Tips, guide, or to hire Ken for a speaking engagement.