Putting together a Teleclass can be a great marketing tool to use to bring more exposure to you and your business. AND - It can be a lot easier than you might think, with the right tools and tips to get started.

So, how do you get started?

I've got some great (and really important) tips that will have you stepping into the powerful and profitable teleclass giving zone, but I want to be sure that you take in each one of these tips so I am going to be sharing these tips as a series. This article will give you the first TWO tips.

EnergyRICH® Insider Secret Teleclass Tip #1:

Spread the Word Within and Without. First of all you have to have a way to let people know about your teleclass and that it's happening. So I want to share with you a couple of different places that you can post your teleclass and ways that you can let people know about it:

- One avenue, of course, is to invite people in your community, people who are a part of your newsletter list, but if you're looking to expand your network and increase your client base you want to open up to reach new people as well, people who maybe have not heard of you before!

- A place that's often overlooked in a sense of promotion of teleclass is any type of hardcopy "in your hand" publication. Like a local newspaper in your community, or a local magazine or publication that lists ongoing local events or free classes. Here in New York, where I live, we have "TimeOut - New York" and they accept free listings for events and classes. Most people don't think of this option because they think of a teleclass only as virtual so they think of advertising only the virtual way, but absolutely you can go the hardcopy "in your hand" route. I highly recommend it!

- Another route is to go to any groups you belong to, both online (LindedIn, FaceBook, Twitter) and offline/in-person (Book Club, Parent Group, Your Kids School or Game Events).

- If you're doing in person networking, which is a great place to invite people to join your teleclass, I recommend having some postcards made up with the details of the teleclass (Vistaprint.com is a great resource) or you can simply print up some inexpensive flyers of some sort and have them handy to give out.

EnergyRICH® Hint: You want to be sure to use EnergyRICH® Effective Copywriting Guidelines and use that to create your postcard or handout.

EnergyRICH® Insider Secret Teleclass Tip #2:

Make it Easy for People to Register. A place where most entrepreneurs get hung up is "well am I going to have to have some big old fancy sign-up page, it's going to take so long for my webmaster to be able to do that, or I don't really have a website" or whatever it might be. The truth of the matter is you don't need to have a sign-up page. (If you DO have an available accessible sign-up page as part of a URL that you can send people to, then great, by all means utilize it - you just don't NEED it.)

What you can use for NON-URL registration is any kind of online email system that provides an auto-responder. You simply give people an email address (Make sure it's not your personal email address) and when people email, you can set-up an auto-responder so that any person who registers automatically receives an email back with the call-in information. So great, right?!

Now, if your email provider doesn't have an email auto-responder, that's ok! You'll just have to email each one of those people back confirming their registration and with the dial-in information. It'll require a little bit of extra time for you, but that's ok. Totally go for it! Just have the response typed up and saved in a word document and you simply copy and paste the info in the reply email. Just be sure to set aside some time to respond to people in a timely way.

Ideally you wan to have a professional email like @yourdomainname.com, but if you have to use something like Gmail or Hotmail don't let that stop you either! This is exactly what I did when I first started out ... I just set up an email teleclass@ and that's how I received registration.

Just keep in mind it might have an effect on the amount of registrations you receive because people are a little bit more weary of those general email addresses, but you can still go for it!

Now, if you ARE sending people to sign-up on your website, I recommend a short simple URL. Especially if you're printing flyers or postcards to hand out in person and/or invitations. If you have some big long URL, like your website and then a forward slash, teleclass and then at .html, it's hard for folks to remember and then to follow through. Trust me, you don't want people getting confused or frustrated before they even get started. The easier the better!

So what you can do is buy a domain name from someplace like godaddy.com and simply forward it to the longer URL sign-up page! Easy-breezy!

Of course, in addition to hardcopy "in your hand" promotion of your Teleclass there are also some great online sites you can advertise on... and this is exactly what I'll be sharing with you "How To Use Teleclasses to Attract More Ideal Clients - Part 2!" Can't wait!

Your EnergyRICH® Call To Action

1) If you want to give a teleclass decide that you WILL. Let any "Yeah, buts ..." or "What Ifs ... " that try to get in your way go and step out to share your message even if you don't have all of the "internet bells and whistles" in place. You can absolutely hold a teleclass!

2) You want to put together a tight short promotional invitation for your teleclass and share with as many people as you can: your own community, hard copy publications, and bring a hand-out invitation to any networking or other events that you go to.

3) Have a very clear way as part of your promotional material, your copy, for people to sign-up and to join your class. [They just email here or click here, whatever it might be.]

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