When it comes to job hunting, your cover letter may well spell the difference between clinching that job or being rejected.

Just like making sure that your curriculum vitae is impressive enough for you to get that dream job, knowing how to write a cover letter is an asset you cannot leave off your job hunting arsenal. Its purpose is to wow your prospective employers.

Being on a job hunt and knowing how to write a cover letter are inseparable. Thus, you have to possess “cover letter writing skills.”

Does it sound intimidating to you? It’s not, actually. You only have to remember the format of an effective cover letter and the principles surrounding how to write a cover letter, and you’ll be all set.

The cover letter is composed of three theoretical parts:
- The opening
- The body
- The closing.

The opening paragraphs of the cover letter should contain a summary of the contents of your job application: whether it is a filled-out application form, curriculum vitae, or some other documents. Enumerating the contents of your application allows your prospective employer to know what exactly to expect from the accompanying documents.

The next two to three paragraphs (the body of the cover letter) should convey that you are competent for the job. Mention the job requirements as well as the job description; and then mention your training, job experiences, and your skills that would be suited to the job.

Try to draw out the implication of how you are suited to the job you are applying for. without blatantly selling yourself. Just make the right connections between the aspects of the job description you are mentioning, and your specific skills matching the job.

Lastly, the closing paragraph should part on an affable note. Convey that you look forward to hearing from, and working with, the company you are applying to. Express your thanks for the opportunity to possibly work with them.

Take an optimistic tone that implies your confidence in getting the job. This confidence works on the principle of psychological triggers that may well lead to your getting the job!

Knowing how to write a cover letter is not just about the format, as you can see. You have to be confident; to sell yourself in a friendly, non-arrogant way; and to use some psychological triggers and some subtle implications of your competence.

When you know how to write a cover letter with flair, you’re almost sure to get that job!

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