You should be aware that the cover letter is the fundamental step to a great career. The path to your success depends first on how well written your cover letter is. Depending on the construction and message of your letter, you can either grab the employer’s attention or not. However if you do so, the hiring manager will think that your resume is worth reading. Otherwise, even if you have the best resume, you are only throwing your chances with a badly written letter.

A well-constructed letter is determined by the preparation prior to producing one. Preparation mostly will consume most of your time if you are in a job search. Though it can eat up a lot of your time and effort, preparation is still a critical part in a job pursuit. Without right preparation, it is anticipated that your cover letter will be badly written, generic and misled. There are many ways to write cover letter. It may depend on the employer, job position, and even the manner of transmission. To make your letters stand out, preparation is essential.

· Create or Update Your Resume. Some people believe that cover letter should be constructed before a resume, but then this is quite the opposite. The substance of your cover letter will be dependent on your resume. If you do not have one right now, make a resume that lists down your experiences and skills. From here, list down relevant skills and experiences so that you can tailor your cover letter to a particular job position you are considering. It should also highlight your strengths and desire to be a part of the company.

· Research Your Prospective Employer or Target Organization. For you to be able to show your interest to a particular company, you should include information that verbalise about the desired industry. The information should be factual and brief. Most often, this process is really time consuming. On the positive note, the information you had collected can be made useful during your job interview.

Technically speaking, you must have an idea what the company’s mission is, what do they offer, and what makes them competitive. In addition, you should also search on the type of customers they are catering or aiming. In General, the five elements to consider are: the employer’s values, service, innovation, diversity and sustainability. Studying the history of the company may also be vital.

· Analyze Your Targeted Position. As a savvy job seeker, it is important that you read the job description and requirements cautiously. Typically, this type of information can be read on advertisements on newspapers, television and the Internet. Learn the conditions and tailor your letter to match these requirements. If you can, find out what are the most important skills and experiences that company requires.

· Know the Employer or Hiring Manager’s Name. As much as possible, utilize your network. Look for the name of the employer who is in charge of the hiring process. It will be on your advantage if you know someone in the company or the industry. All The Same if you have no connection with the company, call and ask directly the Human Resource Department.

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