When you write an article there are many times it can take FOREVER to complete it. Now this is due to a number of reasons which we can take advantage of to help us write articles much quicker. It only stands to reason that if you can speed up the writing process itself you can produce more articles or devote this time to other areas of your business. Here are 5 writing strategies that you can use to help increase the speed and ease with which you write articles. Write What You Know When you write articles it is always wise to stick with subjects you are familiar with since your content will be of more value to the reader. The other advantage here is that if you know what you are writing about there will be less hesitancy in the writing process so you complete your work faster. Keep Articles Short Do not get carried away when composing an article to the point that it is 700 or more words. Enthusiasm for your subject is good however learning to write smarter will save you a lot of time. Break the one long article up into several shorter ones and not only will you produce more but it will be easier for people to read. Find Your Passion Ever notice how fast you may talk when you are passionate about something? Well you can experience the same affect when writing as well. Finding a topic you are passionate about will allow you to write faster since your 'typing fingers' will have a hard time keeping up with your enthusiasm. The out flow of your passion will minimize any hesitancy you have for ideas as you write and will also make for better reading. Focus, Focus, Focus One of the best writing strategies you can follow to speed up your writing is to commit fully to completing the article in one sitting. By doing this you will be more focused and able to better 'tune out' any distractions that may add time to the task. Find Your Groove When you find or establish that certain 'zone' in which the writing process is flowing very easily for you take advantage. Attempt to produce as many articles as you can or as time will allow maximizing your productivity. The ease with which you write an article has a lot to do with your familiarity and passion for the subject. Trying to write articles about something you know or care little about will only serve to make the writing process lengthy and agonizing. By adopting some or all of the writing strategies suggested here today will only help to make your efforts more productive and enjoyable. The end result will be either your ability to produce more articles or perhaps use the time more wisely in others areas.

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