At every moment we make choices about what we want to experience. When our daily life throws up challenges and offers opportunities for growth we always have a choice. As the dark matrix of negative vibration tries to catapult us into the negativity of fear, anger or sadness, we select our response. Our greatest challenge is to become aware and awake as to what is happening in our thoughts.

We create our life experiences through thought. There is nothing in our universe other than our thoughts. Everything we see and imagine, all we hear, feel, touch and taste are perceptions of our mind. When I am not thinking of the delights of beautiful music, I do not hear it. When I am focused on jogging, I am not experiencing the subtle delight of a good red wine. All experience happens first in the mind.

The same goes for intentionally manifesting new realities into our experience. We must form images and feelings of the desired creation first in our mind, experience them emotionally in our imagination and feelings, and only then will we eventually perceive them physically.

In order to create and experience joyful, positive and delightful happenings in our life, we must not only think of them; we must get emotionally involved. We can do this by feeling the joy of what we want as if it is already our experience. We must energize our thoughts into reality by feeling, by injecting energy intensely – by escalating emotion: energy in motion. Thought without emotional energy will wither and die; but filled and enlivened with life force energy of emotion, our thoughts will create our reality.

This is the process of creation of experience that we engage in every single day. The question is: do we create positive, joyful, happy experience, or do we energize thoughts of fear, anger and sadness? It comes back not only to choice, but to understanding how we actually create our reality.

From now on, since you now know how powerful you are in creating your experience, be more selective in what you choose as your reality. Choose happy thoughts and energize them with joyful, positive feelings! The very best position from which to create positive reality is when you get into feelings of joy, confidence and happy expectation. From this base of connection to the divine creative energy of the universe, you will be able to start creating your life the way you want it.

Always, always, develop and maintain joy in your mind and thoughts. When you feel afraid or negative in any way, as we all do from time to time, pull yourself up and replace the negative thoughts with joyful, positive ones. Sometimes this may be difficult to do, so write down about ten happy thoughts from your past experience to have at hand when you can’t think of anything happy. Whatever mood you are in, you are creating more of the same in your future. We are creating reality all the time.

Every day brings its challenges. These are excellent opportunities to grow into the powerful creators we truly are. We create our reality, our life experiences at every moment. Awaken your awareness and create a joyful, happy, love-filled and abundant life. Keep building on your successes and as you gain more confidence in your creative ability, manifest the life you truly want.

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*** Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic life coach, teaches possibility thinking, using mind, emotions and feelings in the process of deliberate manifesting, especially in relationships. Discover more prosperity strategies at and see Marie's blog at