She is really arrogant
Jason has never managed to have a successful relationship with a woman. He grew up as an introverted and shy adult who believes that all beautiful women were arrogant.

Sam had a similar problem, he always had troubles talking to members of the other sex which resulted in letting him became socially withdrawn with it comes to dealing with women.

Both Sam and Jason met Joe who had none of these problems and all three became friends. Whenever all three sat together both Jason and Sam kept talking about how arrogant Susan was and how it is impossible to approach her or talk to her.

How your friends program you
Because same and Jason could never approach that girl they believed that no one else can and they kept repeating these false beliefs over and over until Joe believed them!!

The repetition of a belief many times by different people can result in programming someone else's mind!!

Joe liked the girl but never had the courage to propose to her or declare his love because he was 100% sure that she will dump him.

How your friends influence you
This is one of the stories that happens everyday because of the influence of our friends on our minds. Usually 2 or three of our friends will be incapable of doing something and as we hear them talking about that thing it appears to be impossible to us too even if we were capable of doing it.

Lots of people can’t take the step of starting their own business because of the influence of their friends, Lots of people lack self confidence and are socially withdrawn because of the influence of their friends and lots of people can’t break a certain bad habit because their friends can’t!!

Your friends can define your world for you, give your their beliefs, let you see things from their own eyes and convince you that this is the unavoidable reality.

There two ways to escape from the bad influence of your friends, the first is to have successful and confident friends while the second is to examine every statement your friends repeat and not believe in it before you test it yourself.

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