As much as DR. Phil uses this line, it really is the perfect question to ask in this situation.

As men we tend to have a "Fight or Flight" response to many of our challenges, conflicts and pressures. In fact, many of our reactions are on auto pilot and we are hardly aware we are doing it until we are knee deep in the crap we created.

In fact, just writing this newsletter I was challenged. My internet timed out twice and I lost all the content I had wrote...not once, but twice! I thought it was being auto saved and it wasn't. So instead of just the 30 minutes it normally would take...I am now two hours into it and many of my other tasks had to be put on hold. I felt like throwing my computer against the wall! My first reaction was that of being pissed off and angry at the Universe for making this happen.

Ironic, isn't it? How the ego sits in waiting. Waiting for that little sliver of a chance to come back in and remind one's self that we are always being tested as to how far we have come in our growth.

I took a deep breath and had to admit it was my fault for not manually saving my work every 10 minutes. I had to persevere in spite of the setbacks suck it up and be a bigger man.

Can you identify your habitual reactions and responses to challenges? Are you still operating from an old self? If so...How is that work'n for you? How much are you allowing the ego to be in control?

As a Remarkable Man I challenge you to break the old patterns by doing the following:

Remarkable Man Challenge:

1. Take a sec...Before you react, take a moment to ensure you are fully informed.

2) Breathe...Breathing deeply a few times helps calm you down and can help with clarity. By staying calm you have more control over the situation. Your ego will hate you for it but it's worth it.

3) Respond rather than react...whether you are alone and dealing with your monkey mind or with the person that is creating the adverse energy, you have the power to control what your think and what comes out of your mouth.

It sounds pretty simple but it won't be easy to change your habitual reactions. It takes time. First, take an inventory of your reactionary patterns that do not serve you. Being consciously aware of them is a huge step in getting a handle on them.

Finally, apply these principles the next time you are being tested. Monitor where the ego is and make course corrections as you move forward.

Then ask yourself...What would a Remarkable Man do in this situation?

You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

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Dwayne H. Klassen - Certified Professional Trainer
Men's Mojo And Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker
Dwayne Klassen is the bold new face for men and relationship empowerment. He is a transformational speaker, certified trainer, writer, and entrepreneur with a passion for communication, ancient wisdom, leadership, men's issues, human potential, and challenging men to step up and be Remarkable in their lives.

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