I had an experience recently that I would like to share with you. While speaking with a friend in a casual conversation I was asked my opinion. I immediately shifted out of friend mode and put my trusted adviser hat on. I noticed that my listening intensified. I became more present than in the previous 8 or 10 minutes of our chat.
My ability to clearly and provide his next best step will undoubtedly avert costly business and personal repercussions. There was a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction in my spirit!

Upon concluding the call I became rather reflective. I wondered how was I so simply able to conjure up the right word at the right time for him? What file cabinets are successfully stored in my mental bank that were perfect for that moment? What deposits had I made yesterday, last week, last month, five years ago that proved beneficial for this moment in time?

You see, over a year ago, I had the honor of attending an intimate training through http://www.byreferralonly.com/mybro/ in which a gentleman, Garrett Gunderson (http://garrettgunderson.com ) was passionately sharing a concept of Mental, Relationship & Financial Capital. For further elaboration go to:http://Newrulestogetrich.com

My question is what are you reading, seminars attending, what friendships are you deepening in essence to impact your Mental, Relationship & Financial Capital? Warren Buffet said it so well when he said "who you will be in five years is a direct result of the books you read and the people you hang around".

I have expounded on this thought a bit and added Emotional Capital. Realizing that when I increase each of these areas I am more Emotionally strong. Think about it. When you learn something new or different you feel more capable. Worthy! Spending time with a dear friend makes one feel more connected. When your bills are paid and you have a surplus of money in the bank there is more of a pep in your step. Each of these acts strengthen you emotionally...do they not?

I'll ask you again, How's Your Capital These Days?

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Jacqui Dobens,
A California Native raised in a home with entrepreneurs which gave her permission at the age of 17 to take a chance on her self. Which she continues to do today. Armed with both experience and exuberance she continually stretches herself to new heights and boundaries while ushering others by believing in them until they believe in themselves more. Her deepest desire is to provide others with the right word at the right time.

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