Shopping on the go or shopping online is catching up fast with people
day by day! More store owners are preferring to build online stores as it
is a great way to earn extra business & profits. As online stores cater to
a global audience, e-commerce solutions are considered a smart way to
do business!
A professional web development company can create a professional
and stylish ecommerce website, at relatively cheap prices. Plus, your
store can be easily customized with the right ecommerce platform for
your growing business. Magento ecommerce platform is flexible and
easy to use for your growing business.
Developing an online/e-commerce store from scratch is rather hard if
you don’t have in depth knowhow of e-commerce platforms. But the
good news is that you can always hire a professional ecommerce web
development company in Kerala for creating your website.
Here’s a step by step guide to build an eCommerce store:
1. Purchase a domain name and adequate server space
Register your business, get a vendor's License and start looking into
legal business issues. A domain name that will perfectly identify your
brand should be purchased first using a site like GoDaddy. Decide on a
web hosting plan so that you only pay for the options you need when you
need them.
2. Get a web developer to design a site
A professional web development company in Cochin can create a
professional and stylish ecommerce website, at relatively cheap prices.
You can have your store running in a short span of time. Plus, your store
can be easily customized using Magento website development.
3. Decide on Pricing and Set Up Payments
How you will price your products in your online store will depend on:
❖ The cost of materials per item
❖ Ecommerce web hosting
❖ Shipping

❖ Taxes
❖ Fees and percentage per sale deductions from various
organizations, including PayPal, credit cards, etc.
❖ Flexible pricing
A third-party payment gateway like PayPal should be there to act as the
go-between. Your shop should also be able to accept payment in the
form of credit cards, recurring billing and mobile payment,
4. Set up a secure check-out process and shipping
Before you make your website alive, you’ll need to set up a secure
checkout process on your website, create a Privacy Policy and Return
Policy. You should figure out your shipping and delivery methods. A
working customer service phone number and email address is
5. Make your website live
Before starting your online store create a homepage, an “About Us”
page and a contact page. You can then start adding the photo, price and
other details of products through the dashboard created by your website
development company in Kochi.
Taurus Web Solutions is a leading web development company in
India specialising in big and small business website design in
Cochin. To create your online ecommerce store, get in touch with us.
Best of luck for the success of your online store.

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