Work can be relatively mundane if your employees have been doing the same thing for the past few years. And when work becomes mundane, creativity levels and motivational energy drops. However, there are ways to stimulate the brain and improve creativity levels despite the mundane work routine.

Here are some ways in which you as an employee can “spice” things up in the workplace to encourage mobile employees and boost creativity and productivity levels.

Encourage employee movement
The best way to enhance creativity in the workplace is to encourage employees to move physically. One way to do so is to place essential office equipment such as printers, water coolers or recycling bins in non-traditional areas. This would then encourage employees to get up from their seats and to walk around. And when employees are already on their feet, they are more likely to head over to a co-worker’s desk for a quick chat or bump into another colleague that they have not seen in a while.

Create an open office space
Arranging the office space such that it promotes social interaction is a great way to boost creativity levels amongst employees. One way is to do away with the traditional cubicle seating arrangement in the office in favour of an open seating plan. Another way is to promote hot-desking. This allows employees to change their seats daily, interact with co-workers from other teams and encourage exchange of ideas.

Celebrate great ideas
Finally, exchange of ideas will always lead to a good conversation. Another way to further encourage creativity in the workplace is to celebrate great ideas. When there is a new innovative idea being put forward by an employee, share the idea with other employees and gather feedback. At the same time, hosting dialogues and discussions is a great way for employees to step forward and share new ideas.

There are numerous ways to encourage creativity amongst employees and one simple and cost-effective way is to build a culture of movement. This will help to encourage the exchange of ideas and in time to come, ideas may turn into reality – a win-win situation for both the organisation and employees.

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