The moment one plans to move from one place to another, starts looking moving companies who will provide no obligation moving quotes and thus gets multiple options to choose from. But if a person fails has no or little knowledge about moving might end up becoming a part of moving scam. Everyone wants to make a hassle-free move and in order to make the entire moving process more smooth one must follow few of the expert moving tips while looking for free moving quotes.

Know Your Mover: Before asking for moving quotes it is important that you do some homework. If a person knows better about the mover he can rely more on his services and their trustworthiness.

Following are few things which one should know about the mover before hiring them:
1. Company’s Track Record
2. License & Insurance
3. Modes of payment
4. Competitive Pricing
5. Rating & Reviews

Ask For Recommendations: It is always better to ask for free moving quotes from a mover after listening to the first hand experiences from existing customers. One can ask for recommendations from family and friends, listen to what they have to say about the services and then decide whether to hire that mover or not.

Ask Questions: The best and the simplest tip to get the best quote is ask as many questions as you can from the mover. One should not keep any doubts in the mind while asking for moving quotes, after all you are the one who would be paying to the mover and one misunderstanding may lead to a messy move. Some of the basic questions which one should ask are:
1. What will be the exact time of Pick up and Delivery?
Will there be any Extra Costs ?
2. Who will bear the packing costs?
3. Will you make an inventory list?
4. What about Insurance Coverage Policies.

Try to Negotiate: The one who knows how to negotiate better always gets the best deal. While asking for free moving quotes one must negotiate with mover. Negotiation works better when making a long distance move. With better negotiation you might end up hiring one of the cheap long distance moving companies and the entire move can be made within the defined budget.

Compare to Choose: One should not rely on only one company while looking to hire a mover. Ask for quotes from at least 5 movers and then compare the quotes given by every mover. Comparison of quotes does not benefit much during a local move but while moving out of the state it benefits a lot and helps you hire one of the best long distance moving companies.

To save time and effort in asking for moving quotes from various movers individually, one can easily opt to get multiple moving quotes from Moversfolder which is an online moving portal that helps the moving customers to obtain free moving quotes from only licensed and insured moving companies from your local area.

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