We all have crushes. Sometimes they are innocent...like when you're in 3rd Grade. And sometimes they are not as innocent...like when you're married and lust for another. Can you relate?

In my book Yeah Dave's Guide to Livin' the Moment (which launched today--March 17), there's a chapter sharing a fool-proof way to determine if the other person reciprocates your crush. The video above this text (also seen by clicking here) is based on that chapter and teaches how to decipher the body language of a hug.

So the next time you have a crush, keep it simple. Let a good hug be your saving grace. What you can never tell from another's face, you can tell from their embrace.

By David Romanelli (www.yeahdave.com)

I invite you to check out my book and get a taste for some lighthearted fun + feel-good inspiration in these dark times. Think irreverent humor (aka Saturday Night Live) fused with heartfelt insight (aka Eckhart Tolle) mixed with a touch of Cheech and Chong..

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