​How do I know about the importance of movement? I was sitting on my ass perfectly comfortable for many years. Working, socialising, shopping, everything, online. I discovered that, that's not a good idea unless you are also making movement a natural and daily part of your routine.

​I feel now my legs are telling me to MOVE MORE. And I'm listening. The are also telling me to stop smoking. So while I'm still not listening to that one, I must overcompensate by going manically at the moving aspect.

Movement Positive Outcomes
- Better circulation - You get to use your legs for longer
- Daydream while you stretch - Creative inspiration often strikes me when I'm doing my stretching and walking.
- Better heart health - Because you are moving, your blood keeps pumping through your heart more often.
- Glowing skin - Better circulation means more fresh blood to the skin capillaries, equaling a more youthful appearance.
- The list is actually endless and I think it's fair to say that movement might just be the one thing that underpins and supports all health applications.

How To Incorporate Movement Into Your Daily Life
Quite a while ago, my daily routine took a turn for the positive when I decided that I could no longer sit for hours at a time at the computer. Now my sitting times get broken up into no more than half an hour blocks. And, while I'm sitting, I've got my legs raised and wriggle my toes every couple of minutes.

At the end of each half hour block, I get up and walk around. Yes, it's really that simple! Also, I've been known to freak out the kids by running, sprinting, to the other end of the house. It makes for a great game with kids or your dog, haha! That's more movement and hey, some fun never goes astray either.

You can also; run, skip, water the garden, walk to the corner store, run on the spot, swim, cycle, jump on a trampoline. You are only limited by your imagination here.

​Simple Stretches For Maximum Movement
I'm going to show you what some beginner yoga stretches look like with a few short youtube videos. I use these stretches multiple times per day. It's amazing how good it feels, just breathtaking!

​Sun Salutation
My favorite stretch of all, opens up your entire inner core including your psoas muscle.

Downward Dog
I use this posture so often, my dog picked up on it as a trick. Now I tell her, "Yoga doggie" and she does downward dog with me. Clever girl!

Basic Lunge
All the lunges are designed to stretch out your leg muscles. Move as far into the pose as you can. If it hurts then pull back or stop.

I hope that if you are currently a couch potato like I used to be, that you see the sense in using daily, routine movements to increase your overall physical and mental health and longevity potential.

Author's Bio: 

Hi, My name is Pixie
...and I'm a woman on a mission! On a mission to improve both mine and my family's health, one natural remedy at a time.

I have 3 grown up kids and 1 little one left at home. And then there's Sweetpea the wonder dog. She likes to eat organic too, shh! :)

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