The art and science of astrology has been in our culture, in one form or another, for 5,000 years. It thrived in progressive times, was squelched for centuries during the Reformation, and has been relegated to the fringes in modern times. In some ages, Astrologers have been venerated as Priestesses and consulted by Kings and Pharaohs. In other times, they were dragged into the city square to be burned at the stake as witches. Yet, down through the ages, the art endures. Why?

At age 22, I moved to a quaint little mountain town in Southern New Mexico and was invited to join a small gathering of women. While at my host’s home, I noticed a book on her shelf and it called to me with such power that I was compelled to take it off the shelf and peruse it. I couldn’t put it down. I ignored that little voice in my head that said I was being socially rude and began reading with intensity. And before long I was overcome with a long-forgotten stirring of familiarity so profound; I knew this science!

Known as a ‘sacred art’, astrology has earned its enduring place in human experience because of the power it has to convey deeply insightful truths about ourselves, infusing our lives with meaning and purpose. But, here in the twenty-first century, it is time for an upgrade. In the hands of a wise expert, not only does astrology serve the purpose of illuminating our path, but it can also reveal the ‘karmic’ patterns that limit our ability to fulfill our life-purpose, as well as the exact path forward to transform those patterns into strengths. In 50 centuries, this is as far as evolutionary astrology has taken us.

Most people still see astrology as a deterministic tool, belying a fundamental misunderstanding about the purpose of life and the role of humans in relation to Creator-Source-God. One day, in more enlightened times, we’ll all have a good belly-laugh about this. In the dawning years of the 21st Century, however, the implications of this misunderstanding are huge, and not funny, for if we continue to believe that some higher power has ordained our life, we will fail to take responsibility for the results we create, and planet Earth may continue to suffer from our ignorance and abuse.

So, what is this new version of astrology, and how can it help us become more enlightened? The fact is, an excellent astrologer can look at a person’s birth chart and know truths about that human being, their innermost nature and the life they have lived that even their family members or closest friends may not know, so it would seem that the entire lifetime is pre-determined, ‘written in the stars’.

How, then, do we explain another truth that seems diametrically opposed; the emerging awareness birthed by modern quantum physics which has proven that, in fact we do create our own reality.

We embrace it with an evolution, perhaps a quantum leap in our understanding of the energy emitted by stars and reflected by the planets in our solar system, as intimately connected to each human being, in a harmonic resonance that is interactive and co-creative in nature. We actually utilize the ‘stuff of life’, to create the experiences and outcomes we witness. Our unique astrological signature shows us what we’ve managed to create, so far; the set of potentials revealed in our birth charts are meant to be worked with and evolved.

This evolutionary work, however can only be accomplished once we embrace the unconscious inherited ancestral patterns that inform our DNA. Thirty years ago, a new science was born, named Human Design. Encompassing the four ancient wisdom traditions of the Kabbalah, the I-Ching, the Chakra system and Astrology, as well as the two modern sciences of neutrino physics and the human genetic code, Human Design is the first system to reveal our unconscious, genetically inherited imprinting. It provides the means for us to embrace our life’s journey in an entirely new way.

First introduced to the world by my partner, Chetan Parkyn with his ground-breaking book, ‘Human Design, Discover the Person You Were Born to Be’, this modern science put us firmly in the driver’s seat of our life’s journey. While astrology can reveal our evolutionary potential and ideal timing cycles, our Human Design Chart gives us the means and the practical keys to creating our own destiny. As humanity teeters on the brink of a new renaissance, we draw, out of the ether, the awareness, the tools and the science that will support us to create an awakened world; the Human Design system is given to us as a self-empowerment life-navigation system; a gift to humanity for these times.

Understanding our unique Human Design Life Map gives us specific keys for living. Each person has their own unique set of keys that streamline our experiences in work, in business, in love and in our family relationships, and upgrade our capacity to attract the experiences our hearts desire. In essence, we have finally been given the ‘Owner’s Manual’ for our Life.

Author's Bio: 

Carola Eastwood has been a Human Design consultant, teacher and coach since 1999.
Prior to that she had an established counseling practice and an Astrology clientele in Santa Fe, NM and in San Diego, CA. She has been author of the monthly column, “Planetary Cycles” published by the Life Connection since 1988, and is a highly acclaimed astrological consultant, intuitive counselor, and transformational Business Success Coach. Carola has appeared on national TV, hosted radio shows, and spoken at national conventions.

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