When fire erupts in a room it is rendered very hot. No doubt fire is limited to its fuel yet its heat and light spread far and wide. The sun despite dwelling high up in the sky sends its heat and light to earth. The thunderous sound of cloud can be heard in very far off regions. People imbued with a lot of vital force can transmit their intense personality in far off places and can not only transform other personalities but can change circumstances too. The atmosphere gets influenced by it. The potential that does the task of influencing is vital force even if it functions in varied forms. It can be of a demonic or divine stature. If it is misused terrible destructions can accrue. If used aptly sacred wholesome results are seen. The subtle reason why agitation takes place between divine and demonic energies is that their vital forces are at loggerheads with one another.

The gross law of heat is that regions that are hotter rush towards regions that are less hot. If one hot iron rod is placed near a cold one then the hot one becomes cooler and cold one is rendered hotter. They exchange the quality of heat and cold with one another and will try to reach a stage of equilibrium.

The same holds true for electricity. When a wire that is transmitting electricity is touched regions that contact it too experience electricity. Its potential will be shared in that arena. Even the influence of vital force electricity is like the closeness of heat and cold. A man imbued with immense vital force not only transmits power to a person with weak vital force but can gift his own inner stature too. The reason why in hermitages of Rishis cows and lions resided peacefully is that Rishis full of vital force along with their personality of goodwill could influence these animals thus. Electricity does not differentiate between iron, gold, saint or butcher. It will influence all these in an equal manner. In whatever way one desires to use electricity, it will help accordingly. Yet electricity spread out in the human body behaves differently. In it is present both principles viz. consciousness and sensitivity. It governs the entire body and the brain is its center. Despite this it cannot be called bodily power. Electricity functioning in tube light does not manifest from tube light but does so from elsewhere. In the tube light it merely shines. Electricity found in the human body in reality is consciousness based. It is called the image of vital force. It is not only energy but is sensitivity too. Its special quality is to think deeply. It experiences both principles of ethics and in-ethics and on its basis like material electricity does not remain same sighted but that it flows in the direction of ethics and opposes lack of ethics.

On seeing how such a gigantic factory has been constructed in such a tiny brain one is simply amazed at the engineering intellect of its creator. Ere we wish to design such a potent electronic brain we will need all that very space required to build all factories that are constructed for electricity paraphernalia.

Doubtlessly man is a live walking talking electric power house yet it cannot be compared to material electricity that gives us shock or helps light bulbs. Consciousness is infinitely greater than inertness. Similarly human electricity outshines material electricity. Vital force electricity of the human body is infinitely more purified and sensitive.

Nobel Laureates like Hodgkin, Huxley and Eckels have conducted research studies on electrical impulse that is at work in human nerve networks. According to the data put forth by them nerves are like wires that transmit electricity continuously. If this coiled nerve network is straightened and place in a single line it will measure more than 0.1 million miles. It is worth mulling over the fact that how gigantic a measure of electricity is required to function such a program that uses a machine which functions in such a widespread region.

If one bodily part like the brain is analyzed independently then it will possess 1 billion neurons. In it each one is in contact with about 25 thousand other nerve cells.

Regarding the light aura surrounding the human body a lady parapsychologist Eileen Garret in her book ‘Awareness’ writes about her research studies. In it she has described the presence of an electrical aura around the body. She believes that the changes taking place in colors and manifestations of this aura correspond to reactions of the rise and fall of one’s thinking. Soviet scientist Kirlian has photographed this aura and has said changes take place in it. These aura changes are looked upon not merely as thought oriented but as bodily health based changes too. On its basis the causes of diseases hidden in the recesses of the body too have been determined. In these types of experiments the chief of Moscow Medical Institute Pavlov Kone attained great renown and for diagnosing diseases he said study of one’s bodily aura is of great utility value.

This aura is said to be synonymous with the subtle body. Its scientific terminology is called ‘The Biological Plasma Body’. In the research studies of Kazakhstan’s Kirov University it has been mentioned that there should be no problem in looking upon the energy body of this aura as a mass of activated electrical atoms but what should be added to it is that along with them there is the existence of bacteria and microbes. When its existence is in the form of an admixture it becomes a self managed and well designed unit. In it is present its potential of creation, imbibing and transmission.

Once a Bolon’s material scientist during research studies saw that from the leg of a frog electricity was being emitted and as a result the muscles of the frog were getting excited. On the basis of this scientific data Forli resident Dr Matuchi has unearthed a lot of data wherein he says that when muscles contract and relax electrical flow is generated. As a result it was found that in the inner centers of the body reside hidden vault of electricity. Along these lines the English scientist Walter conducted deep research which benefitted the world of medical therapy and cure a great deal.

The human body definitely oozes with speedy waves of electricity. This fact appeared in our midst when at first in 1869 in the 1st volume of France’s ‘Medical Times and Gazette’ doctors put forth their research findings. In the household of Lyons a child was born. When the child turned 7 months old his family members complained that when they touched the baby’s body they got an electrical shock. Till the child turned 10 months old the situation worsened wherein it was becoming difficult to even go near the child. Many valiantly tried to look after the baby but alas they experienced an electric jolt. As a result of the shock they would fall down. Ultimately the child died. Ten seconds before dying from the child’s body manifested a light blue aura and although the doctors photographed it they failed to analyze it aptly. When the child died there was no heat in the body and no electric shock. This proves that there is energy similar to human vital electricity which may manifest as a result of the food we eat or due to some extra terrestrial space medium. Yet what is definite is that this electricity helps in life’s functioning and imbibes consciousness. As long as we do not understand it properly the true importance of human life cannot be unfolded despite the fact that science progresses by leaps and bound.

Prof. Heraldwar of Neuro Academy of Yale University has proved that every creature is surrounded by an ‘electro dynamic’ veil. It is because of this that its’ conscious potential can be sent outside and it can imbibe external influences within. Ahead of this within the field of research of this electrical covering a scientist Leonai Rovings proved that this is not an iron covering but that due to the influence of the brain it can be rendered light weight, heavy, deep, superficial etc. Its functional capacity can be increased or decreased.

Entire world’s knowledge is called ‘Universal Memory of Nature’. This has been discussed in the ‘Book of Life’. In it is elucidated the history of the commencement of world consciousness up till today. It can be understood akin to a gigantic library of micro films of the world. At a gross level it cannot be known where the writings are recorded but specialists can search as to in which area of which drawer of the cupboard’s collection what has been kept. In order to master this skill intellect based science has to be studied. This methodology in their own way can be evolved by a modern material scientists and a self realized person. It is possible to achieve this via meditation, concentration and austerities and the same can be attained via experiments of Parapsychology which are today imbibed by specialists in this field.

In the material arena the importance of various known and unknown streams of electricity are being understood after cogitation. We can definitely say that in comparison to the benefits accruing due to its influence in future time greater achievements will be got. In the same way there is a high possibility of understanding the varied utility value of human electricity. Modern science is alertly involved in this field and most definitely shall benefit a great deal too.

Biologists from Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Poland are taking special interest regarding man’s Extra Sensory Perception/Powers or ESP. in the past 30 years they have reaped astounding success. Now topics of research like seeing far off scenes, focus of thoughts and predicting future events have become the thing of the past. To it is conjoined a new chain called ‘psychokinesis’. This big word means the capacity of thought energy to influence and render mobile various objects. Just as with the help of fire or electricity the nature and mode of usage of objects can be changed i.e. they can also change places in the same way there is also the possibility that with the help of special stature electricity flow found in humans we can influence the level of consciousness. From this not only benefits related to advancement of ESP will accrue but that a lot of help will be available to overcome physical and mental diseases.

Russian parapsychologists Komenski and Karl Nikolayev while giving information unearthed after deep research say that there are those rare people who can feel far off experiences and yet if special efforts are made these experiences can become that much more clear and well advanced. Regarding this details of research were mentioned in a magazine called Consomals Kaya Pravada.

In comparison to other creatures of this world the designing of the human body is rare and extraordinary. The designing of hands amongst the organs of action is such with the aid of which many sculptors can amass great skills. The eyes do not merely see things but that the light emitted by it can influence and attract others.

The brain by itself is a rare electrical center. Up till now only powers of the intellect and psyche were praised yet today those flows are being unearthed that have the power to influence and gain knowledge of a very gigantic all pervasive area. If only the importance of soul existence is felt deeply and that we immerse ourselves in unfolding, creating and augmenting it then so much can be achieved which in comparison to attainments of the material arena to date is not superficial but is very profound.

In the hermitages of men/women of great penance it has been seen that violent and non violent creatures like lion, cows etc coexist peacefully. In great leaders this quality is seen. Their magnetic personality influences the lay public and hence the latter follow in their footsteps. If this influence is superficial the mesmerized person in a very short time gets liberated from that influence so as to regain his/her original mental state. Yet is there is profundity in the influence the inner state will become that much more permanent. Such radiantly talented people are found in every field of life and are known to influence their fellow men. Even dacoits get such allies and when they are opposed they pound the opposition to pulp. In beauty and handsomeness the body appears well shaped and alluring and others naturally experience a magnetic pull towards it. Such attraction is found in dancers, right up to innocent children which perforce attracts the psyche of those who come in contact with them. Behind this magnetism there is no deep cause because that influential energy of the aura of a person is at work so that the person coming in contact it with perforce gets attracted.

The aura of a person surrounds the entire body of a person. Its functioning is less intense near the feet and as its covering rises upwards in our body it is rendered that much more widespread. When it reaches the brain region its power is most intense. Just as a plum fruit’s lower part is thin and the upper region is fat similarly is spread out the aura in our body. Its measure of thickness is about 3-7 feet.

Astronomers know that there are various stars in interstellar space whose light takes thousands of years to reach our planet earth. It could be that there is a star that died thousands of years previously and yet if its light had already started traveling towards earth it will appear that it will continue to shine for the next certain thousands of years despite the fact that it had died quite a while back. Light travels with the speed of 0.1 million 86 thousand miles per second. Its speed is not faster than this yet man’s mind runs even faster than this. It takes quite a few days for rockets to reach the moon yet the mind can reach there in a second. It must be noted that mind is not mere imagination but that since it is conjoined to conscious energy it becomes a powerful principle like light and carries out those very tasks which are executed by heat, magnetism and other such forces of interstellar space.

If one goes beyond the speed of light so that one’s conscious energy defeats the former and reaches that area where light waves that have been emitted 1000 years previously have not reached then doubtlessly all incidents of contemporary times can be seen tangibly as though they have taken place in the present times. Ere our powerful unconscious electrical center renders our meditative consciousness so potent that speed of light lags behind then there is no reason to doubt that we can visualize events and people of the distant past. Not only this those great people who thousands of years previously have shed their mortal coil, with their ethereal body full of divine aura that is present in interstellar space we can establish a bond and we can accrue those very benefits attained by contacting them in their live physical bodies. A person successful as mentioned above can listen to the Bhagwad Gita uttered by Lord Shri Krishna just as Arjun had heard it 5000 years ago directly from the hallowed lips of Shri Krishna. That very Shrimad Bhagwat discourse given to King Parikshit by Shukdevji can be heard by us today after thousands of years. It will be least difficult to hear Yoga Vasishtha as told to Lord Ram by Vasishthaji. All Lilas or divine sports of Shri Krishna and Lord Ram can today be seen exactly as it was visualized previously. Rishis who knew the past, present and future had mastered this science and they could unearth and know so many things. Not only this but these revered seers had the power to change events that were to take place later in future. The proof of all this can be found in various religious/spiritual texts and Puranas or mythology. These attainments can be accrued I future times too.

A divine sighted person can see and understand various incidents taking place today in various parts of the world. They can hold dialogues and communicate various messages too. Not only this if such a person has some inspirational and useful potential he/she can help benefit others by inspiring them. But for this, what is most required is that a person must undergo intense spiritual practice and austerities so as to amass terrific soul force and energy. If we so desire like the wealth pertaining to the body, mind etc we can manifest glories pertaining to soul power too and on its basis we can render our human magnetic pull and divine aura so potent that in desired measure we can influence other people and objects and that we can thus succeed in every field of life.

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