Islam is very powerful and complete religion in which Allah has specified the comprehensive direction about every feature of the life in a clear method. It's the only faith who highlight on peace. It provides rights to each human being as well as animals.

Before speaking the subject of human rights in Islam, it is valuable to elucidate that the Islamic custom - like other main religious civilizations - does not contain, or originate from, a single basis. Most Muslims if interrogated about its foundations are likely to refer to more than one of the next: the Qur'an or the Book of Exposure which Muslims trust to be God's Word conveyed finished the activity of Angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad Sunnah or the applied civilizations of the Prophet Muhammad; Hadith or the oral sayings attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. Of all the bases of the Islamic tradition, certainly, the most significant is the Qur'an which is observed by Muslims in overall, as the primary, and most commanding, source of normative Islam.

Islam Raised Best Human Rights and Its Importance. When we express of human rights in Islam we actually mean that these rights have been decided by Allah. They have not been decided by any royal or by any governmental meeting. The rights decided by the kings or the lawmaking assemblies, can also be reserved in the same manner in which they converse. The same is the case with the rights acknowledged and documented by the authoritarians. They can discuss them when they satisfy and remove them when they request and they can amenable disrupt them when they like. But meanwhile in Islam human rights. Have been discussed by God, no lawmaking assembly in the world or any government on the globe has the right or consultant to make any adjustment or change in the rights discussed by God. No one has the right to repeal them or remove them. Nor are they the basic human rights which are discussed on paper for the sake of show and demonstration and deprived of in actual life when the show is over. Nor are they like logical ideas which have no permissions behind them.

Basic human Rights which Islam gave it to Society

The first and the leading elementary right is the right to live and admiration human life. The Right to Life' has been given to man only by Islam. We will detect that the people who talk about human rights if they have ever stated them in their Compositions or Statements, then it is Obviously indirect in them that these privileges are appropriate only to their People or they have been framed for the white race alone. This can clearly be composed by the fact that human beings were stunned down like animals in many lands was cleared of the aborigines for the white man. All these examples go to show that they have no respect for human life, it is only on the basis of their population, shade or race. Contrary to this, Islam recognizes this right for all human beings. If a man fits an original or violent tribe, even then Islam respects him as a human being. The Prophet said your lives and possessions are prohibited to one additional till you meet your Lord on the Day of Revival." The Prophet (Peace be upon HIM) has also said about the non-believers citizens of the Muslim state “One who kills a man underneath contract will not even smell the perfume of Paradise.

Respect for women

Women are very important in Islam. we find in the Contract of Human Rights decided by Islam is that a woman has to be appreciated and protected under all conditions, whether she belongs to our own state or to the nation of an opponent, whether we find her in the Wild jungle or in an occupied city; whether she is our co-religionist or belongs to some other faith or has no religion at all. A Muslim cannot barbarity her under any conditions. All immoral relation- the ship has been prohibited to him, irrespective of the status or position of the woman, whether the woman is a willing or a reluctant partner to the act. Women have the right to do whatever she want under the law.

Equality for all Human Being

Islam not only recognizes absolute equality between men regardless of any difference of color, race or nationality but makes it a significant and substantial belief, a realism. The Allah has announced in the Holy Quran: O manhood, we have shaped you from a male and female." In other words, all human beings are brothers to one alternative.

Safety of Individual Liberty

Islam has placed down the standard that no resident can be confined unless his guilt has been established in an open law court. To capture a man only on the basis of doubt and to throw him into a secure without proper court proceedings and without if him a sensible chance to produce his defense is not permissible in Islam.

Freedom of SPEECH

Islam gives the right of freedom of supposed and expression to all countries of the Islamic state-owned on the ailment that it should be rummage-sale for the broadcast of feature and truth and not for dispersal evil and mischievousness. The Islamic idea of freedom of expression is much larger to the concept predominant in the West. Under no conditions would Islam let evil and mischief to be spread. It also does not give anybody the right to use rude or aggressive language in the name of criticism.

Protection of Religious Opinions

Along with the liberty of belief and independence of honesty, Islam has given the right to the separate that his religious opinions will be assumed due respect and nothing will be said or done which may intrude upon his right.

Islam is the best religion among all religions .Islam protects the rights of all the mankind.

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