Trinity is a consultancy firm offering financial and human resource services. The company has 120 employees who offer different services. The organization vision and mission statement is to achieve highly in profitability, enhance customer’s services and promote human resource management to ensure that set goals are achieved.

The company intends to make a three year strategy in the planning of human resource training services in order to achieve its ambitions. The organization intends to make a modern planning approach to human resource services which include recruitment, selection and the development of employees. The three year strategy is to ensure that the human resource services are at par with the international standards, ensure that people are well motivated to provide the best services and to ensure that every department has qualified staff. The organization intends to use the rationale approach towards its human resource services.

The company objectives is to improve the method of training services it offers to the human resource to be modernized and involve the information technology in the services offered. The planning to be offered is to be in the recruitment department, selection department and in development of the staff.

In every organization, human resource is a center post in achievement of the organization goals since it is the people who come with a business idea, make decision, and implement the idea.( Brian. E. Becker, Mark .A, Dave Ulrich 1999)

The organization three year plan is to provide effective and modernized human resources services towards the achieving the organization goals. Human training strategic plan is to ensure that the employees are coached to ensure that they provide the best services to the customers and hence satisfy the customers demand which in turn lead to profitability.
(Brian. E. Becker, Mark .A, Dave Ulrich 1999)

Vacancy in the organization
The company has a vacancy of a financial manager after the expiry of the contract of former holder of office.

The holder of the office will head the finance sector. He/she will also be involved with the general management of organization. He /she will ensure that all the financial plans are completed in time for approval. He/she shall ensure that the financial statements are completed in time. He/she shall liaise with the external auditors in their execution of external auditing.

The job specification is that he or she should be a mature adult of 35 years and above. The academic qualification should be a university degree, an accounting profession holder such as ACCA with a ten years experience in a busy consultancy firm. Those who are interested should apply for the job.

Recruitment plan
Recruitment plan is of utmost importance for the business to achieve a great height in the human resource management. Recruitment is that process which puts into consideration the sourcing of people, screening and the selection of people in order to fill any vacancy that arise in the organization.( Dane, W and Dick, R, 2002)
Once a job vacancy is identified, as in a case for the vacancy of a financial manager, the recruitment process should start. This is to make it clear for the people who need to be recruited what the organization needs in the potential employee. (Dane, W and Dick, R, 2002)

The approach which recruitment process take should be thorough in proportion to the complexity of the job advertised. The financial management job is complex as it deals with the management of money. This is to ensure that fully qualified people are considered.( Dane, W and Dick, R, 2002)

The plan for the process of recruitment should combine both the tradition and modern methods. This is at par with the contemporary advancement in information technology. The tradition methods include the use of newspapers, and hiring by institutions. The modern methods include the use of information technology tools such as job searching websites .The people willing to be hired will face recruitment through both the modern method where advertisement will be through newspaper while the modern method will involve use of online job searching websites. The plan to combine both the methods will ensure that recruitment is made easier and there is saving of time.( Dane, W and Dick, R, 2002)
Recruitment practice should be free and fair whereby discrimination in terms of race, gender, religion are completely discouraged. Also the interview should provide an opportunity for the job seekers to talk about themselves and what they know about the organization.(Brian. E. Becker, Mark .A, Dave Ulrich 1999)

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