Ethics is defined as the moral principle that guides human behavior. Every endeavor of man, every work that man engage in, everywhere that man may find themselves have one ethic or the other that guide our conducts. Our behaviors and day to day activities have the moral principles that guide them.

Else, man will be very lawless and our environment will be void of orderliness. This may in turn pose our environment and even man to unprecedented danger. In order to avoid this, the activities of man are usually regulated with laid down rules and regulations. The hunting profession is not left out in this.

There are widely accepted ethics in hunting, which is expected to be observed and respected by every hunter irrespective of our level of understanding and skills in hunting.

This is to ensure the attestation of the fact that hunting is a noble profession, and benefit the nature in one way or the other, contrary to the view of some people about the profession. So below are the basic and widely accepted ethics of hunting.


Every nation or locations of the world have their respective rules and regulations as regard to hunting; this is majorly to regulate the activities of hunters. These laws are born from the passion that humanity has for animals.

Animals are very important to man, and they are known to make the world a better place for human race, so, it is the duty of every rational man or community to guide and protect these animals passionately.

Though hunters are allowed in almost all over the world to hunt these animals, but excessive hunting or indiscriminate hunting which can render these animals community into encroachment is what will not be allowed by any country.

This is the more reason why countries have their respective laws that guide hunting in their domains. So as a hunter that is very ethical, you are expected to obey strictly the laws of any land you find yourself as a hunter. If you see that what you are doing is legal but not ethical, you should immediately desist from it.


One fact you must really acknowledge is that, these animals are living organisms, they have life, so they also exhibit virtually all the characteristics you exhibit as a man. They also have a feeling that is, they feel pain as well. So as an ethical hunter, you are expected to fully respect this fact, you must make sure that these animals you are hunting do not pass through much pain before they will die.

How do you do this? Firstly, you should make sure that, your hunting tools are in good working condition. They should be able to kill the games once and for all; this will make the games hunted not to pass through any hardship or pain before they die.

Also, you are expected to really improve in your skills, the hunting skills of yours is expected to really improve, this will make you to be able to hit your target in the right place, and avoid them roaming about with injury.

Also, you are to make sure that, the distance between you and the game you want to shoot is not that long at all. This makes your arrow, or bullet to hit the target very well, and the target will not have any privilege of running away with pains of arrow or bullet.

If care is not taken and the distance between you and your target is much, the animal will run away with the pain once you shoot, because the hit is not that much, and you may not be able to find the target again and it may go and die somewhere. Of course, you know that, that is a big sin to its existence. Be very sure that your shoot will kill the target before you pull your trigger or arrow.


In case you miss your target, by animal running away with your bullet or arrow. You should by all means look for the wounded animal, and ensure that you finally kill the escaped game. Else the game will go and die somewhere else, and the game will automatically be a waste.

This is the more reason why you should look for the wounded animal, it is very ethical, and to make sure that the animal is not a waste. Also in case you shoot a very big animal that is more than what you and your household can consume.

You don’t have to be stingy, you can call your fellow hunters, or your neighbors to come and share it with you. Also, if you know that you don’t want to share it with them, you can make it commercial by selling the remaining parts to people that are interested in buying it. Any which way, just make sure that no part of the hunted game is wasted because that is not ethical at all.


Of course it is a general believe that respect is reciprocal, if you want others to respect you, you should respect them first. Hunters in your area deserve your respect; you have to respect their conscience, their actions and their integrity. Even if you are more skillful than them, you should not be full of pride.

And in case you lend any of their tools, you should handle these tools with care and ensure that they do not regret giving their tools to you. Also you should not be selfish to them, be accountable enough.

To your host community, you must be doing every possible thing to appreciate them and to acknowledge the fact that they give you their land to use. Follow their rules and regulation and be a good representative of hunting world in your locality. Read here for more info


The above hunting ethics are what can potently change the disposition of many to hunting. Hunting is a good work and hunters are expected to be good as well, by following diligently the above ethics.

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I'm a passionate hunter. To others it is a game or fun but to me it's a passion, q way of life. I'm a young lady with unwavering passion for game hunting