With Big Game Hunting seasons quickly approaching, now is a great time to start to prepare your hunting rifles for the field. Here are a few basic but always important tips for getting yours ready for the season.

Elk Hunting

Set the sights:

Even if your rifle was zeroed in perfectly the last time you used it, you need to get on a range and dial it in, because even minor jostling in storage and transport could have knocked the sights out of true. Many whitetail hunters prefer a 100-yard zero while those who hunt elk or mule deer in more open country might choose a 200-yard zero.

Use the proper load:

Use premium bullets to make sure you get the knockdown power, and accuracy, you need to optimize your rifle. It’s also important to match your load to the game you’re hunting. Bullet choice for larger game like moose or elk should have a thicker jacket and a bonded core to help with penetration and ensure a clean kill.

Clean it, then foul it:

A well-maintained rifle will be more accurate and reliable. Be sure to clean the barrel and all moving parts and coat with a protective gun oil. Then, be sure to fire the rifle a few times before heading into the field for hunting.

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