Digital Marketing is not for everyone. Yet, it is a crucial part of any business that cannot be dismissed as work must be done consistently to get the desired results. You can’t pause an SEO campaign and expect to stay on top of the SERPs. That’s why businesses - big or small - are now considering outsourcing digital marketing too so that they can focus on their core processes of the business (whether it requires more time gathering leads and closing deals or testing out a new organization structure), outsourcing can give you more time with quality work being done at the fraction of a cost.

However, in a densely populated market of digital marketing outsourcing - from freelancers to agencies offering the same roster of services (SEO, social media, content creation, etc.) - there is an increasing pressure for everyone to stand out against the competition. Some would offer rock-bottom prices (which the quality will have eyebrows raising), some would offer one service and up-sell another VAS (value added service) in a certain period of time (which is a good tactic by the way) and bundle up the pricing. But with all strategies pointed at pricing, why don’t you consider adding services the competition hasn’t thought of yet? Want to get ahead by bounds and leaps? Outsource these trends that we’ll be seeing for the rest of 2016.

3D Marketing

Never heard of outsourcing virtual reality? Exactly. Being one of the biggest innovations in tech, virtual reality is said to impact every industry. And everyone’s joining the VR bandwagon. Facebook buying Occulus Rift for $2 billion, and every flagship smartphone by Samsung starting with the S7 would be VR-capable. This only means tha VR would not be a fad but a new medium entirely for digital marketers to explore (and yes, much like Snapchat).

Case in point, fashion powerhouses Balenciaga, Hussein Chalayan and Dior all trailblazed with the idea of having their A/W’16 fashion live streamed in VR. This is huge as this gives consumers the experience of being at the front row at the comfort of their homes, capitalizing on the enhanced multisensory customer experience. Here in the Philippines, real estate company Zipmatch is at the helm of the VR game by offering prospective homebuyers with VR tours of current listings making the buyer’s journey easier for all parties.

So how will this impact outsourcing? It will make trainings and meetings easier and more human; a far greater substitute than being on remote, screen sharing or Skype calls. Thus, paving the way for more productive collaborations and increased accuracy in perceived output. This is apart from the fact that VR is shaking the content game by delivering VR-content that increases the need for stock photos which is usually done by outsourced photographers or those on remote. If you’re still unconvinced though, check this report made by Raconteur citing the uses of VR beyond gaming, from city planning to healthcare.

Aggressive Video Marketing

Ok, this isn’t entirely new as brands and businesses are uploading a handful of video content in their websites and social media platforms. But at the peak of 2016, we have seen at least 66% of marketers ramp up their video marketing efforts on channels such as YouTube and Vimeo. If that is still making you skeptical, have you seen the increase in video ads in your Facebook and Twitter feeds? As a matter of fact, the continuous rise of video as the medium du jour arose from the fact that it gives 80% more conversions while improving SEO and branding and providing more clarity and engagement to your audience, again capitalizing on the multisensory experience and emotional value it gives to customers.

Making videos are hard and companies even with their in-house marketing team can’t simply keep up with the pace of how users consume content. With such high demand for video content this should be a golden opportunity for outsourcing providers to polish and revamp their current video creation services (or include one if they don’t have one yet.) by offering faster turnaround times.

But you may be having doubts as to how you will outsource your video marketing as there are tons of ways on how it can be pulled off without you being in it or for them to travel all the way where you are to shoot. Enter explainer videos which are customized animated goodness explaining your services tailored specifically to your branding. They have been trending recently and we won’t see them die down yet. But if you’re not confident in outsourcing the content of your videos, then you can always have your outsourcing provider edit and export the video, execute video SEO, and handle distribution and promotion (a service Coefficients already offers to its clients).

Marketing Attribution Analysis

There would be a lot of exposure from different types of ads into the buyer’s journey. There would mobile, display, search, social, email marketing, etc. until the consumer decides to make a purchase. Attributing credit to which touch point affects the buyer to convert can be a pain. That’s why if an outsourcing provider can manage to take this key analytic process and present the client the data in raw and visual form, then it would be easier for the business to re-target their marketing should needed be. But the risk here would be the significant amount of data that would be shared to the third party as this is a very sensitive issue.

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