Marriage is the only relation where you fall in love every day with the same person. Communication is the basic need of any relation and so does of husband and wife relation. Communication creates bridge between two people. It builds up understanding between both. Bad communication and communication gap can create misunderstandings between them. You have to speak to each other and make sure you both are on the same wavelength.

Communication In a real sense means interacting with one another and not nagging or complaining to one another this is something that can really drive a wedge between both. It is necessary that you both understand each other feeling otherwise it may end up as nagging. Communication is the only way that can help you to come up to the expectations of one another because it let you know what is in the mind of other person. Husband wife relation is purely based on trust. Therefore, no secrets should be left unfurled between them. Otherwise, it may reach out to be big problem in near future.

Communicate about your future or about your kids future with one another. Make planning for your future. Give and take each other idea and know the views of your partner on any particular situation. Plan vacations with each other concern. All this steps will enhance your relation with each other indeed.

Few more steps for both husband and wife, to make their life happy married life.
• Tell your spouse I love you each and every single day
• Always say please and thank you
• Never demand too much. Demand things within the reach of your partner, but ask kindly. Do not fight if you don’t find the gift interesting that your partner bought for you.
• Husband should treat their wife like a slave as you don’t own. Husband has the equal responsibility like that of wife.
• Wife should not nag for same thing again and again. If once the thing is not done remind your husband softly rather shouting
• Husband should appreciate the deeds of their wife. And should do something for her in return
• Each day ask one another if you can do something for them
• Accept each other’s likes dislikes, weakness and faults. Deal with other’s fault exactly the way you want your fault to be treated. Teel your partner about his or her mistakes and correct them
• Help and support one another during difficult times. Pray for each other and carry each other’s burden. Have family devotion together every morning at least for 5-10 minute
• Don’t involve third person in an argument. Neither husband should involve his family nor should wife. Third party may even make the situation worse.
• Never discuss each other’s faults in front of outsider

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