Husband Blames Wife For Everything: My Husband Turns Everything Around On Me

In healthy relationships, partners are able to talk through disagreements and find solutions that feel good to each of them. But occasionally an issue arises that is difficult to resolve. In this case, effective negotiation skills are essential if you and your partner want to make solid decisions that you both feel good about. Strong negotiation skills will help you navigate through conflict and strengthen your relationship.

Negotiation is not the act of making another person wrong; it is an exploration of each partner's position with the ideal goal being to find a mutually acceptable solution. The benefit of negotiation is that it will give both of you as much of what you want as possible, while creating a structure in which you can find solutions and learn about how to compromise and communicate effectively.

Many people avoid conflict because they lack negotiation skills. This kind of avoidance will only lead to resentment, which will ultimately lead to more distance in your relationship. Healthy relationships exist when two people know how to resolve their differences in a mutually satisfying manner; negotiation is the healthy way to create this kind of resolution.

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How to Negotiate With Your Partner

Establish ground rules for the negotiation. For example:

- No yelling

- No blaming

- No name-calling

Describe the disagreement. What is the issue to be resolved?

- Take turns expressing both your concerns and desires about the disagreement.

- Ask questions of each other to gain more clarity of your partner's feelings and point of view.

- Brainstorm solutions:

- One partner proposes a solution and explains why it works for them.

- The other partner responds and explains why this works for them or not.

- If it doesn't work, explain why and suggest another solution.

- Work on finding ways to make it easier for your partner to say "yes".

- Repeat this process until an agreement is reached.

- Determine milestones and decide who will do what and when it will be done.

- Decide how long you will try this solution to see if it is working for the two of you.

- Set a time to come together and evaluate the plan. If it didn't work out as well as you both had hoped, each of you should suggest a way that you would like to see things done differently and repeat the above process.

- It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a perfect solution. Trial and error is part of the process. A solution is agreed to, put into place and tested so that each partner has the opportunity to see how it feels. Setting a time to come back together to evaluate the way each person feels about the solution is important to maintain the feelings of trust that good negotiation creates. In fact, this is exactly how trust is built.

Learning effective negotiation skills requires practice and patience. The payoff however, is a loving relationship where you and your partner will feel honored and listened to. By learning how to successfully negotiate with one another, the intimacy and trust in your relationship will improve. You and your partner will truly be a team that can face all of the challenges that come your way.

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How many times did your spouse come to you asking that you talk about your problems, that you try to work things out, and you dismissed him/her claiming that everything was fine and there was nothing to talk about?

Perhaps you were too busy or too distracted to notice, but just the fact that your spouse feels something is wrong is an undeniable sign that you should pay attention, you should try to figure out what that thing is and you should find a way to make it better.

Marriage is about the happiness of both partners, and the simple fact that you are happy with the way thing are at a certain point, does not mean your spouse should be happy too.

Perhaps you have been neglecting your partner, perhaps you failed to be there when he / she needed you the most. At least now, when your spouse decided he / she can't take it anymore and wants to do something about it, you should open up and show some support and commitment.

Of course, the simple "we need to talk" is not the only sign that you need to save the marriage. You probably don't make love to each other so often, there may have been a while since the two of you last went out on a romantic date, and words like "I love you" might have slowly but surely went missing from your vocabulary.

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Stop for a minute, analyze what is going on, and save the marriage before it is too late.

Remember that nothing lasts forever, and nothing is for granted. In order to keep something and enjoy it for a long period of time, you need to show appreciation, you need to look after it and you need to make sure the circumstances are proper for that something to develop, to grow into the rewarding and special relationship you deserve.

Don't ever look for someone to blame. Guilt is of no importance in a marriage. What matters is how you get over the hurt, over any problems that show up.

The minute you conclude something is wrong, you need to change your lifestyle. Instead of concentrating on your work, on your children or on your hobbies, you need to put your spouse first, to make him/her feel like he/she is the center of your universe.

You need to make up for everything you did not say or do, for everything that was expected from you and never happened.

It will take time, patience and dedication, but in the end, it will all work together for your greatest purpose, to save the marriage.

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Every marriage can run into a rough spot now and again. But, if your marriage has really run into troubled waters of late, you may be considering legal separation or even divorce. The differences between marital separation and divorce are not always well-understood by the layperson.

Here are answers to 5 frequently-asked questions about marital separation:

1. What is Marital Separation?

Marital separation, or legal separation, involves a legal agreement between the members of a married couple to live apart from an indefinite period of time. The separation agreement involves a court order that outlines what is expected - and can be expected by - both husband and wife during the time of separation.

During separation, the couple choose to lead separate lives. The separation agreement spells out provisions for the mutual use of their assets, child custody arrangements, child support, child visitation, and any monetary support one spouse may give the other.

2. Is Marital Separation a Legal Status?

Yes, if it is done properly. Of course, a married couple can just choose to live apart from each other without going through legal channels. But, in this case, this is not considered a legal separation.

On the other hand, legal separation involves actual, bona fide legal documents outlining the details of the separation. They are binding in court and must be agreed to, and (if the time comes) nullified by both parties.

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3. How is Marital Separation Different than Divorce?

In many ways, marital separation and divorce are very similar to each other. However, they are not the same thing. During separation, the couple is still considered to be legally married.

However, a separation can be advantageous for a number of reasons. It gives the couple the chance to try living apart. It also retains the legal status of marriage, which can be significant to retain certain medical, insurance benefits and social security benefits. Separation can also be preferable to divorce for religious reasons.

4. How Will It Affect My Kids?

Separation affects kids in a marriage in ways similar to that of divorce. Children will obviously be very aware of the separation agreement. The knowledge that the two of you no longer live together and that you lead separate lives can be hard on them. The best way to minimize negative feelings on the part of the children is to give them access to both spouses (if this is desirable/desired) and to ensure the kids that the separation is not their fault. And of course, there is a better chance of reconciliation than in the case of a divorce.

5. How Can I End It?

A separation can be nullified in court if the couple wants to get back together. Or, it can be converted into a divorce settlement agreement if that is the way the couple chooses to handle the situation.

Marital separation can provide a viable alternative to getting a divorce. For some couples, it is a desirable middle-ground between staying in an uncomfortable marital situation and jumping right to the decision to get a divorce.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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When I'm vulnerable my psychology sits atop a knife's edge; I either progress to repentance or topple into resentment. And it's people who just happen to benefit or pay.

I am as prone to rejection as the next person, and I don't buy it when people say they aren't. There are people who exist in a safe bubble of acceptance which says even more about the power of rejection in their lives.

The continuum of acceptance and rejection is possibly the most powerful force. And it all begins in the mind; a mind responding to what the heart feels.

I can tell you that when I've felt most vulnerable, I have been most susceptible to rejecting others. When I've felt rejected, I've tended to respond by rejecting. When I've felt accepted, the vulnerable feelings vanish, and acceptance is easy. There is one poignant example where this is rife: in those who have influence over me; a power I have given them. I could be much less susceptible to a person's rejection if they have no influence on me or power over me, but as soon as they do I have to admit susceptibility. I do not consider those I serve as those who have influence on me or power over me.

It's those I look up to who I perceive don't accept me who I'm liable to reject in response to their rejection.

The mind fights to be accepted, and the heart battles for love. Where there is acceptance and feelings of love, there is safety and wellbeing.

Acknowledge the drive for acceptance in others. Accept everyone as they are and experience less rejection.

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