In the comedy film Couple’s Retreat, four couples head off to Bora Bora, an island in French Polynesia to unexpectedly participate in a series of mandatory therapy sessions. Amidst the scenic beauty of the resort, each couple realizes the differences that cripple their relationship, confronts them and leaves the resort reinvigorated. The trip turns out to be quite meaningful for everyone, especially for those who are about to dissipate.

If your husband wants a divorce, going somewhere to ease the tension and just savor each other’s company is a superb option. However, if it’s not financially reasonable for you, there are other ways to rediscover your partner’s characteristics that caught your heart years ago. Listed below are some activities that you may explore before you come up with the final decision.


Music never fails to attract people and gather them together. It’s a scheme utilized anywhere - at the campus, on the airplane, in the community - for different intentions. It is a kind of relief: it gives comfort, brings you back to happy moments and mesmerizes lovers. If both of you are melody lovers, you can explore this area in a million ways such as listening to your favorite station, watching the concert of a local band, searching for videos on the Internet or learning how to play an instrument. Let the life of music be your ultimate expression.


Sports-minded people always look active and on the go because they exercise regularly. Though there’s no definite scientific explanation for that reason, people always feel good after jogging, walking, swimming and cycling. So if you love the outdoors, develop a sport that both of you like. Who knows, the most effective way to fix your husband-wants-a-divorce issue is to go out, take in fresh air and strengthen your muscles.


Set aside some time for one or all of the following: praying unselfishly to God, laughing your heart out at a Laughter Yoga session or joining a silent Buddhist or Taoist contemplation. Though meditation may come in different forms, they all have a stress-reducing effect. When you do it regularly, it lets you focus on what’s going on the main events in your life broad-mindedly. So together with your partner, find a club that’s willing to instruct you. A few minutes of mindfulness will surely help you pick you yourselves and muse on your married life.

Any common interest

If you’re not interested in any of the three, spend time on something that makes you laugh. It can be film watching, painting, pet spoiling, or anything under the sun. What matters is that you’re able to create delightful moments together, assess your union and come up with a decision.

As a wife, you must realize that the journey you share with your partner doesn’t always follow a straight paved way. It has humps that slow you down, twists that force you to turn and intersections that require you to choose which way to go. If things go roughly, don’t quit right away. Save your marriage in every possible way. However, if your husband wants a divorce despite your effort, it means sunset is asking you to be its witness.

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