Husband Feels Like A Friend: My Husband Feels More Like A Friend Than A Lover

An Empty Nest can leave a couple feeling lonely and depressed with a sense of loss of family and identity instead of the anticipated sense of freedom.

Partners may be trying to deal with these changes on his or her own. When you stop talking about what is going on with you, it can feel threatening in some way, to open up again. The marriage may have been focused on raising kids and the identity of "Us" may have only included the parents and kids, having lost the sense of "us" as a marital partnership years ago. The shared sense of "us" as a team or a couple may be gone. Both may feel alienated.

With the kids gone, you may suddenly be aware of your partner and begin to feel awkward, not really knowing what s/he is thinking or feeling. Couples that have been focused on kids may have anxiety about what to do about their time now. Am I going to be on the spot to spend more time and attention on my partner now? Do they have anything in common, really? It can be anxiety producing to think about spending so much time together. They will be pressed to talk. What will they talk about? What is left in the relationship? With no distractions, will they find themselves sitting in silence, looking expectantly at each other?

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Now that the kids are gone, they have all this privacy. There is concern over the kinds of expectations the partner may have about their "new" sex life? What kinds of expectations will my partner have about intimacy. Many people discover that they don't really know what they feel about their marriage or their partner. We have all heard that marriage break up when the kids leave home. Without the kids as diversion, the vulnerability of your marriage come glaringly through. Important marital issues may have been avoided for decades. Having to deal with those issues now, can bring on a sense of despair.

On the other hand you may feel a sense of exhilaration about getting to spend the next half of your life with just you and your spouse. This can be an opportunity of new freedom to enjoy your honey. It may that you have time to do that for the first time in decades. While you want closeness, you may be afraid that your spouse wants distance. You don't know what he/she is thinking or feeling, but you want to devote the time and energy to get to know each other again. You want to rekindle the love and passion that you once had, and don't know how to get there from here. Looking forward, it seems appropriate to makes some new plans and goals. You can always look at it in terms of "the second half of your life with your honey is about to get really interesting".

Sometimes when you have been married a long time, the conversation between you and your beloved can get stale or you just run out of things to talk about. Sometimes it is hard to "just" start talking again. It is appropriate and common for many couples to get counseling or to get other help in reconnecting and making it through this awkward transition. Marital counseling, marital enrichment programs, couple communication exercises, or marriage counseling can assist you. You can often find a marital enrichment group, weekend or retreat at a local church. Couple communication exercises can involve a daily Couple's Feelings Meeting, or a semi-structured exercise like "The Honey Jar".

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Many people suffer from a sexless marriage; you are by no means on your own. Loneliness and bitterness are probably the only two emotions circulating around the marital home at this moment. This problem is usually associated with revenge; one of the partners feels as though they are not receiving the attention they deserve. Today's society and culture place too much emphasis on the sexual side of any relationship. What one person classes as a problem within the marriage may not even concern other couples, different couple have different priorities.

How can you resolve a sexless marriage? With hard work and determination. Remember, if you want something enough you can succeed, this goes with many things in life, not just a marriage. As long as you can see that a problem exists you can start to work on the cause, being distant and avoiding the situation will only make things worse. If you truly are in love with the person you married then there is no subject and no problem that you can't discuss.

Discussing the problem openly and honestly between the two of you can be the best way to a resolution. There will be things said by both parties during the discussions which may seem hurtful; these are better out in the open. Dealing with the situation together will work another way too; it will save you thousands of dollars which you would spend on therapy sessions. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that therapy can't help, for some people who's issues are very deep routed it may be their only choice.

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If you feel that you have acted soon enough to prevent the problems of a sexless marriage from escalating, you should try working it out together. This will cause your resolution to feel more satisfying and may help your relationship become stronger. Anything a married couple does together to solve a problem affirms their love and devotion to one another.

A sexless marriage can be hard to overcome, with the right attitude and the best help; you will get through it together. Marriage is the joining of two people, so it takes two people to make it work and also two people to solve any and all problems.

Don't bottle up your problems, if you need help then admit it, even if it's only admitting it to yourself you'll be half way there. Help is available for those who want it.

Sexless Marriages can be repaired, but only when the root of the problem is addressed by both people. This is not a problem which will just go away by itself, it needs to be worked on together. If your partner refuses to discuss the problem, start by reminding them of how good things used to be.

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Recently, President Obama sanctioned gay marriage. He went out of his way to assure us that it was purely a personal decision. Naivety believes that presidents' personal positions are separate from their political positions. The Office of President embodies the values of a nation and as such represents the pulse of its people. In fact, the President's 'personal' decision is rippling through advocacy groups, special interest groups, lobbyist and even the Church.

Some clergy have found the President's remark grievous enough to compel a public response. Bishop Harry Jackson of Washington D.C., held a Defense of Marriage Summit this past Wednesday with about 175 leaders. Certainly, we should oppose. And who better than God's people. But if this is all we do, then what has the Church accomplished other than going on record as disapproving?

If we do no more the Church remains weak. Our weakened condition can be traced back to many things depending upon with whom you speak. However, I think all would agree that spiritual immaturity factors in here somewhere. Nowhere is the Church's immaturity more apparent than in the marriage relationship. Marriage is the smallest working unit of the Church. It is my personal contention that as marriage has gone so has the Church. Taking a political stand will not remedy immature husbands and wives, no more that immature husbands and wives who are also spiritual leaders will strengthen the Church.

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It is also safe to say that many of the efforts and resources aimed at strengthening married couples have had marginal success. Changes are occurring in organizations focusing on marriage. In 2009, James Dobson has resigned as chairman of Focus on the Family. The final Smart Marriages Conference was held in July 2010. The Marriage CoMission's appears static. In 2011, National Association of Marriage Enhancement's (NAME) Founder Leo Godzich tragically died in a car accident, leaving his wife, Molly at the helm. The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM) postponed their annual conference this year presumably to rethink their approach. Many of us in the pulpit, husbands and wives have been devastated in our own marriages, albeit many of us prefer you not know this. Whether our troubles were self-inflicted or not, they constitute change. Collectively, these circumstances announce opportunity. They signify God's departure from something He was doing to something He is now doing. But are we really paying attention?

If taking a political stand against gay marriage will not of itself uncluttered the landscape of infidelity, divorce and spousal abuse, what will? And if organizations are recognizing the futility of current approaches to strengthening couples in marriage, what might be needed?

It is simple. We must galvanize women and wives to address the current marriage crisis. There are at least 20 reasons why I believe this is not only essential, but also who and what God will use to restore order, beauty, sanctity and harmony to marriage. Restoring marriage to the Church remains at the top of God's agenda. Now that we, the Church have come to the end of self, perhaps God can now get busy!

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If you're going through a rough time in your marriage, you may be wondering what you can do to make things better. This is a difficult situation for any married person to deal with. You may be afraid of getting a divorce, worried that your spouse will leave or be unfaithful and many other things. Thankfully, there is something that you can do to change your marriage for the better - pray. This article discusses how prayer can change a marriage for the better and help you build back the health and strength of your marriage.

Giving You Hope -

Prayer is about more than religion and connecting with God. It also allows both you and your spouse hope for your marriage. This can be a very strong thing to have when things don't seem to be going right for you at all. If your faith in your marriage is strong, you have a better chance of succeeding and getting through the rough times. It also helps you deal more effectively with the frustration of marriage problems. It's easy to become so tired that you simply want to give up, throw your hands in the air and leave. Prayer is a great way to instill hope in you and keep you committed and dedicated to the health of your marriage.

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Working Together -

When you and your spouse pray together, you are working together for the health of your marriage. The two of you have a combined purpose and a method of saving your marriage. This can be more powerful than you think. Talk to your spouse about the two of you praying together for the health of your marriage and that you will know the right path to take. If your spouse is a spiritual person, chances are he or she will agree and will work with you to save your marriage through prayer. If he or she is not a spiritual person, many times they will agree just to humor you or make you happy. It's a start! Praying together is a great way of working together to save your marriage.

The Ultimate Plan -

You know God has an ultimate plan for you and your spouse, even if you don't know what it is. By praying for answers, insight and strength to get through the rough patches, you are connecting with God. Asking him to reveal his plan for you and to help you through his plans is a great way to empower yourself. When you're empowered, you're more able to deal with the problems that your marriage is facing. Know that you will be heard and that things will get better as God's plan comes to fruition for your marriage.

Prayer is a very healing thing and praying with your spouse is a great way to heal your marriage. Even if you're praying alone, you are giving your strength and your hopes to your marriage and to God. By considering the information in this article, you will see how prayer can lead to great change within your marriage so that you will be healthy, happy and at peace.

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