Husband Only Cares About Himself In Bed: My Husband Has Become Selfish In Bed

When you are looking for inspiration on how to restore intimacy to your relationship, the internet has great resources. There is a simple, but creative place to begin.

You may be sensing that you are drifting away from your spouse or that your marriage is becoming lifeless and operating on automatic. If you have stopped having fun together and think that you just don't have anything to talk about, you can do something that rekindles that spark.

A good communication exercise can be the beginning for the changes that you want in your marriage. Negative feelings like boredom, and negative perceptions, like believing that you are being taken for granted, creates a climate where marital difficulties are more likely to arise.

Consistent and effective communication helps make your relationship resilient to common relationship problems. Your relationship can be revitaized by improving your communication. Good communication can go a long way to restoring your positive feelings about each other. When you step up your communication efforts, your sense of partnership can be restored. Interest in each other can increase?all of which can go a long way in preventing marital discord, infidelity, and dissolution.

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Just about anyone can benefit from improving his/her ability to listen? The need to feel "heard" and "understood" can feed that self-reinforcing pattern of circular arguing and fighting. The more compelled that one feels to make himself or herself understood, the less s/he is able to listen to the other person. The harder one tries to engage the other, the worse the communication actually gets. This is a self-perpetuating pattern, assuring that the longer it persists, the more likely that neither will feel "heard" or "understood."

A structured or semi-structured communication exercise, like "The Honey Jar", can reduce some of the anxiety or awkwardness about changing up an interaction pattern. A communication exercise that uses neutral items makes it less stressful or threatening. With neutral topics, you don't feel pressured into bringing up "touchy" subjects. You can practice "risking" in a non-threatening way. When couples schedule a time daily or weekly for a communication exercise and make it a "sacred time" where nothing gets scheduled in on top of it, it will become a habit and communication will improve. Pick a good communication exercise, like The Honey Jar, and get started today.

The Honey Jar is a couple communication exercise that assists couples in starting neutral conversations. It consists of sentence stems, printed individually on cards, that are randomly selected for conversation. Topics include a range of subjects. Partners can talk about themselves and the relationship in ways that feel less risky or less threatening.

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Is a sexless marriage the same as a loveless marriage? Quite simply, No. People can fall out of love for many reasons, if they were actually in love in the first place. Just because there is a lack of physical intimacy within the marriage does not mean that there is no love. A couple can experience what is commonly known as a dry spell. A dry spell is usually due to bad timing, commitments conflicting or just lack of time. A dry spell should not be confused with a sexless marriage by any means.

There are no hard and fast rules within any marriage for when this may happen; of course many people would blame it on the seven year itch if the timing was right. A seven year itch usually relates to an affair, maybe this is what the problem is. But let's not jump to any rash conclusions, the signs of an affair are different.

Now that society dictates, to live comfortably you must work harder and longer it must have a knock on effect. Less time spent at home or together means less communication. Did you tell your partner that you love them today, and actually say it with feeling? If you didn't, you just added another arguing point to your partners lengthening list of problems.

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Don't think for a minute that this is all one sided and that it is all your fault. It really does take two to make a relationship work, it also take two to have an argument. Now I personally hate conflict, especially the marital kind, I really do see no point to arguing. I would sooner spend three hours a day listening to my wife's problems than be accused of ignoring her or being disinterested. This may seem like the cowards way out but it has worked for me for many years.

If I have learned anything from my sexless marriage it is that a healthy dose of conversation (not idle chat) bring with it contentment. Both partners feel as if they have really communicated with each other, not just verbally. I know that may sound profound but consider this, how many times have you and your partner felt that words were not necessary for you both to know what the other is thinking? Chances are it has been a while.

There is hope for you both, all you need to do is commit yourself to making this work.

Sexless Marriages can be repaired, but only when the root of the problem is addressed by both people. This is not a problem which will just go away by itself, it needs to be worked on together. If your partner refuses to discuss the problem, start by reminding them of how good things used to be.

Don't bottle up your problems, if you need help then admit it, even if it's only admitting it to yourself you'll be half way there.

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If you're married, it can be easy to fall into a state of comfort where you believe your spouse is yours and you don't have to work to keep him or her. Unfortunately, recent divorce stats are enough to show you that it's not true. Every marriage has ups and downs and many times, we feel as if we cannot live without our spouses in our lives. However, is it completely safe to let them know that? Here is some information and thoughts on why desperation is not attractive in a marriage.

The Chase

If you think back to the time when you were dating your spouse, you will probably remember a more exciting, thrilling time. For humans, sometimes the chase that is required to date and fall in love with someone is the most exciting part of the relationship! It is the allure of attaining the unattainable and calling it ours. Of course, there are emotions that play a central role here as well, but if your partner feels as if there is no chase left at all, things can get rather boring. In fact, keeping things spiced up and exciting in the bedroom can be easy when you include the 'chase' factor there. When your partner feels as if you are completely desperate to be with them and that you could never be with anyone else, a huge part of the chase factor is gone and they could become quite bored. Never make them stop chasing you!

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Conflicts and Disputes

Although it sounds terrible, many times in a relationship, our conflicts and disputes bring us closer to each other. Although 'fighting' never sounds like fun, the truth is that it's one way in which we become closer and build bonds stronger. When you and your partner disagree and then make-up, you may notice that there's a small panic involved. "What if I've really upset him or her and I lose him or her?" Thinking this is enough to make the heart fonder! If you give in to every single fight and do things that you know will never upset your spouse, you can seem desperate. Then you will lose the chance to use conflicts and disputes to bring you closer together.

The best thing you can do is be yourself, but never forget that you are with your spouse because you choose to be - not because you have to be. Don't let your spouse forget this either. Although you don't have to be rude and remind your spouse daily that you could find someone else, using your behavior as signs is a great way to avoid seeming desperate in your marriage. This will help keep things interesting and build stronger bonds between the two of you.

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If you are still in love with your husband and you are here reading this, there is hope. You will learn that you are very powerful and this is why you can get your husband back. You are so important to your husband that his world rises and sets with your happiness every day. If you are separated or you are going through a divorce than it is most likely that your husband was not making you happy and if he was you did not know how to show him that he did make you happy

You have something that no other woman has to offer: The ability to comfort and restore your husband's spirit with a kindness only you have just for him. This is partly because you know him so well and he can let his guard down and relax like nowhere else in the world. You can allow him to rest his head from the worries of his life. If your husband can not do this with you he will seek it else where. Your warmth can work magic on your husband that will draw him to you with a power unmatched.

You have an edge that no one can compete with: You have deep intimacy and vast memories on your side that know other woman could even come close to, not even his own mother. Use your knowledge to move him by expressing it in looks and glances that he will understand. This is a tool that rarely fails to win the heart of your husband. Smile as you remember the way he touches the small of your back when you walk though a door or smile as you remember the way he takes your hand in his for no reason other than a simple gesture of love.

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You are privy to information that no one knows but you: You have at your disposal an arsenal of weapons that would make you victorious if you only knew how to use them. This is why you can get your husband back. Remove any conflict between you by being a comfort and seduce the man of your dreams with little more effort than a thought of pleasure from a memory from the not to distant past. Fighting is not the issue it is a comfort issue. You have love, intimacy, and a life time of memories on your side to fight for you. If you love your husband and know that you do have power in his life this will be why you can get your husband back.

Do not wait for the right time to start fixing your relationship because the right time is now. Love is your motivation and working through hard times will only make the bonds of marriage stronger. If you miss your husband than it is most likely he misses you as well. Quiet peace will fill your soul as soon as you relent and be a deep comfort to your husband because no one else can do it but you. This is what he is looking for and that quiet peace can be found in you. This will be why you can get your husband back and fall in love with each other all over again.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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