Husband Putting Friends First: Putting Friends Before Spouse

You must have just ask yourself "how to make my husband want me more" or you would not be reading this article. Whether or not you're feeling desperate, lonely or ignored, there are ways to make him want you like he did when you where dating. Get that feeling back!

Be a Girlfriend Again

Remember when you first started dating? You tried to impress him every time he saw you. Now, after a few kids, a few pounds and all the stress that life throws at you, it's easy to forget that you are a woman first.

Although you can't turn back time, you can get back to a fun, sexy place in your relationship. Start to laugh again over drinks, take walks or even go parking. In other words, become a sexy, datable woman. And believe it or not, it's all about mindset.

Change Your Patterns

Think about the patterns you have in your life. Maybe you always come home and get into plaid pajamas, baggy sweatshirts and sit in front of TV. Or maybe you always come home stressed out from work or kids (life in general) and start to complain. Maybe you always complain about your looks but never do anything about it.
Now's the time to change the patterns in your life. If they are not working for you, it's time to make a change to save your relationship.

Take Your Intimate Relationship to New Levels

Maybe your sex life has also gotten into a rut. This does not mean take out the chains and whips. This means that you have to take an active part in improving your intimate life with your husband.

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Make sure you communicate in a kinder way at all times while you are married. You must know how to communicate clearly what you are saying to the other person. Different words can mean different things to each of us, so you must learn what language your significant other understands. The most people talk to others the way they want to be talked to. This includes explaining issues the way they would want the issue explained to them so it would be clearly understood. What may be clearly understood to you, me totally confused another person.

A good marriage can go bad in just a few short moments if you do not communicate with each other. They're different kinds of communication that you must understand and know when it comes to marriage. You can use these to save your marriage.

Many people try and persuade their significant other to do what they want. This is one way of doing things, but not an adult's way. An adult is willing to be understanding, not persuasive. Communicating efficiently is what brings understanding without persuasion. Just as long as all the party understands what you are saying, then they are not persuaded.

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Just because you understand what your partner is trying to communicate to you, does not mean that you necessarily agree or disagree. You must be concerned with what is fair will and falls under the category of compromise, not what is right. What is right will mean two different things to each of you. If you spin your entire lives trying to be right with one another, you will be a pretty miserable couple. If you have a bad attitude or a desire to be right all the time, you probably have some serious issues in your marriage. Learn how to communicate without an attitude or trying to persuade your partner. You must keep an open mind during all conversations.

You hear many women say that their husband never listens to what they say. Many times, the husband does listen to what the wife is saying and does not respond. The reason he does not respond because he does not agree with her or he does not want to argue. It does not mean that he is not listening to you. Sometimes you hear men say that their wives don't understand them. What they are really trying to say is sometimes I turn back into a selfish little boy in one my way, but I can't get it. There is always the true underlying message behind people's words. If you are willing to be open minded, you can get some feedback as to what your underlying messages. Then, you will be on a road to a happy marriage.

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If you're like most people, then you've probably struggled with "irreconcilable differences" in your relationship. You'd be amazed how many people are going through the same thing as you are and not only did they save their relationship, but they also grew it stronger.

So is the grass greener on the other side of the fence or have you just forgotten how to appreciate what you have?

The "Greener Grass" Syndrome

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have thought the grass was greener on the other side. This feeling of "not enough" comes from uncertainty and curiosity, which prevents us from seeing the blessings in our lives.

You may assume that someone else's relationship is perfect, but the grass is not always greener on their side. It just seems so because you're looking at it from a distance.

Here are three steps to help you appreciate what you have and make the grass greener on your side:

1. Stay In The Present.

A successful life means living on your own terms. Stop seeing your life in light of other people and give yourself the freedom to admit that your partner is the best choice for you right now. Live in the present and stop thinking that there may be other people out there that would be more suitable for you.

2. Stop Taking Life For Granted.

Freedom, health, love, relationships - are things we take for granted all the time and expect them to stick around forever. It takes a lot of emotional stability to be happy with what you have and stop peaking at the other side of the fence.

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3. Nurture Your Relationship.

Most couples fall apart because the relationship has not been nurtured and nourished. Lasting, fulfilling relationships don't just happen overnight. They are like a beautiful garden that requires energy, time and love.

Here is a great exercise that will help you manifest appreciation and gratitude toward your spouse. Write your partner a letter and put down all the qualities you love and appreciate about them.

It will help you shift your attention from what you don't like to what you do like about them and will help you remember why you fell in love them in the first place.

Final thoughts...

Find out what your partner loves in you. Do they appreciate your personality, your looks or your inner strength? Once you know what they love in you, start focusing on that and give it more.

Remember, if you want something, give it first - whether it's attention, a kiss, a compliment, a hug.

Start with yourself and magic will start to happen on your side of the fence. The next time you think someone has it better than you, just stop and think about how others may think you have it better than them. The grass on your side may just be greener.

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So you think your husband is having an emotional affair. Maybe he hasn't admitted it, but you know the signs and they are all present. Perhaps you have checked his phone, seen the texts, you are convinced in yourself that there is definitely something going on.

You might be worried sick about the never wanted to be a single mom. You thought your marriage would last forever! You don't know how you will cope with the bills and the children, perhaps you are worried that he will never pay maintenance for them.......and what about the house.....will you ever find another guy.....???

The biggest question though, is why did it happen? To make any sense of what is going on, you need to know why men get involved in emotional infidelity. This will help you discover how to repair your relationship. You may think that you will never be able to do that but, with some help, you can get your relationship back even better than before.


The basic fact of the matter is your husband was, either consciously or sub-consciously not getting what he needed from your relationship. Now I am not blaming it all on you; it was him that got involved in the emotional infidelity in the first place.

But it is easy for him to fall for another woman's charms when they start. Who hasn't succumbed to a bit of flattery? Women do know how to stroke a mans ego.

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Many men like to feel like a rescuer, so if a pretty woman has a problem he can solve, and then they show him that they appreciate his efforts, he will enjoy that. You can see how before long she goes to him with all her little troubles. And knowing that he is going to get flattered and appreciated - without the responsibilities of children and home - then it is easy to see how men can fall into the trap.

What can you do?
If you want to protect your marriage against emotional infidelity, then you need to show that you appreciate the little things your husband does do around the home. You must recognise his efforts.

Now I know you might be thinking he doesn't do anything. But you have to get into the mentality of little children - remember how even if your children tried to help (but made more of a mess) you still praised them for trying? Yep, that is the approach you need to take for your men. Even if they just try to help, don't criticise. Thank them.

Don't try to cope with everything. If there is a little thing you can trust them with, make sure you do. Jam jars are good - let them be the strong man and open it for you. It really boosts their ego when they can be the one that rescues you.

If you think back to a time when you and your husband were happy together, when you talked about everything, and you felt that you would be together forever...........well if you put the plan into action, you can get back to that time.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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