Husband Wants Me To Change: My Husband Says I Bring Him Down With My Negativity

Everyone loves the beginning of something new; and when it comes to marriage, an exception cannot be made. That feeling of having the one person you love, cherish most and want to spend the rest of your life with, by your side, can be very exciting and extremely unforgettable. But when the toll of time begins to sink in; the stormy seas and tough times emerge, and this can be quite uncomfortable and somewhat challenging for most marriages. One needs to prepare him/herself up to face some of these challenges and make it work irrespective, or an entire dissolution of the union is inevitable, and that is something you should be avoiding. Keeping a marriage together as well as a husband happy at home, is entirely dependent on a wife's efforts and total input into the marriage. As the lady of the house, keeping your husband happy will require that extra effort and spicing up to keep him attached to you for life! Thinking of how you can do this? Just follow through these few pointers and you'll do just great.

First of all and most importantly, put aside the constant routing of NAGGING! Most ladies out there reading this would be nodding their heads right now, because they know it's something they do on a daily basis. But you need to put a halt to this, lady's, it drives the men crazy! Being a constant complainant can make you a pain and can even end up driving your husband away from home. He will not have that sense or feeling of being around you and might adapt to staying away from you more often, hence keeping late nights. This is so not a good idea lady's, because he might just end up looking elsewhere to spend the night.

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Give your husband an appreciable level of respect at all times. You heard right... Yes, you should. Acknowledge his role as your husband and make him feel loved. He is your husband and as such the boss of the house literally; never should you degrade or show a lack of respect for him in front of his friends or family, that might just wound his ego. Men love to be in control and pertaining to their marriage, nothing much changes. Let him have his way and show him respect even if he's wrong concerning a subject in an argument - men always love to have the upper hand, its part of who they are and you can't change that fact.

This point might sound a little bit crazy and unimportant to most lady's out there; but is a very vital part in every marriage and stands to play a huge role in keeping a husband happy at home. Wondering what am talking about? SEX!!!! Don't get it twisted lady's, but men LOVE sex, period. As a wife, you should be able to satisfy your husband when the need arises. You must never deny him those intimate moments and passionate flames that spark up between you two. He's your husband honey! He decided to choose you out of dozens of women he's been with to marry and spend the rest of his life with you, the least you can do is to satisfy him where he wants most; in bed! Make him feel wanted and bond with him usually through lovemaking. A spark you've never imagined can be lit between you two.

Also Lady's, you need to take care of your husband and appreciate him at all times. Pamper your hubby and make him feel his importance and relevance in your life as well as his value. Be there for him when he's under the weather; listen to him and cheer him up. Let him know that you'll always be there for him no matter what. Loving gestures such as making him his favorite meal, giving him a massage occasionally, letting him hangout with his pals, allowing him watch his favorite TV program or football match etc, can draw him closer to you and keep him by your side forever. Men love it when their wife's give them that little space and freedom to usually do what they want to do for a change; but an understanding attached to it. Try this and you'll have him attached to you like forever!

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Men and women alike do not care much about their body curves after marriage especially when they have children. All they care is about finances, family, and budget of food and kids' education. Priorities have been set up and they are already afraid spending so they can cope up with the budget. The only thing that is missing in the list of priorities is them spending for themselves to have little fun experience even when married and with kids. The husband then works at daytime and spends the night watching favorite sports at television.

The wife works at daytime, spends the night taking care of the children then sleep tired and cannot even find time to talk with the husband. This routine goes on for years until the couples find themselves strangled with their routine and are becoming unhappy with their married life.

Putting romance back in marriage is difficult if the husband looks for ways to have some fun going out with friends and other women. Making any failing relationship work may be difficult if the wife wants to have some fun but finds it difficult to break in with schedule and routine. Couples forget themselves, forget going out together, forget spending some activities together for fun, and discover they are slowly losing each other too.

Attraction is lessening as the days go by until they find themselves treating each other like plain friends. Couples are physically attracted to each other first before emotional involvement. Putting romance back in marriage would mean identifying the things that made your partner want you when you first met.

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Following these tips could help you improve your relationship with your partner:

Look at the pounds you gained during marriage.

Engage yourself with physical activity together with your partner and try to lose the fat. Get those body curves back, get those muscles back, and make those abs flat again. Your partner loves your curves or your muscles. Try to be the person your partner loves before the marriage and the kids. Exercise.... Exercise.... Exercise...

Spend some time for your hair, body, and skin care.

Do not let your skin and your hair look dull and dry. Look as attractive as you can make it. Let those eyes stare and admire you again. Women or men usually forget these little things. These little things are important because it catches your partner's eyes and attention. When you start to dress up and look lovely and sexy again, your husband would willingly stop watching television and start to take you out again.

Take a good review of your wardrobe and the style of your dresses.

Maybe it is high time you spend some dollars shopping for sexy and attractive dresses that will make you look more appealing. Men love sexy and hot women. This preference does not change in time. Putting romance back in marriage would mean becoming that sexy woman again.

Why is putting romance back in marriage so important? It is because as couple are tied up with their work, they don't have time to exercise let alone communicate. When communication getting lesser by the day, misunderstanding arises and argument will be inevitable. This is particularly bad for marriage and more so if you have children.

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For some couples, the first few weeks and months of marriage are blissful and there is barely a crossed word. For the other 90% of people - lovers tiffs, and even second thoughts about the marriage itself are pretty normal. The former certainly is anyway. It's important to accept that just because you are madly in love with someone, doesn't mean your life together is going to be a fairytale and you are going to live happily ever after without any work. In fact, accepting this is key.

Merging two lives together is never going to be easy, no matter how in love you are, how well you get along, and how attracted to each other you are. Reality will set in at some point, usually when the 'honeymoon period' is over. Some people make the mistake of thinking that because they are experiencing some early marriage problems, it means the relationship is doomed - this isn't always the case.

Ideally, both of you should have made sure getting married was the right decision. If doubts are starting to creep in after just a few weeks or months, it could just be that you didn't both sit down beforehand and really discuss everything to do with the marriage. By 'everything', I mean the following:-







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Can you honestly say you sat down and talked at length about all these areas? If you didn't, then this should be the first step towards tackling any problems that are surfacing so early on in the partnership. Just because one of you is less interested in sex than the other, doesn't mean you should call a divorce lawyer. Just because one of you loves going out and the other prefers to stay in doesn't mean you should throw your ring out of the window.

Life is full of compromise, and marriage is no different. Remember - you got married for a reason, hopefully a lot of that reason was the love you feel for each other. Love alone isn't always enough - you have to be completely honest witch each other about the relationship as a whole. Merging two lives together is difficult for everyone, don't forget that. No marriage is perfect, so don't expect yours to be. As long as you are both committed to moving forward together, there's no reason why you can't have a long and happy life together.

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As the years progress, more and more married couples are filing for divorce. Indeed, there are a lot of reasons that can make any marriage fall apart. Getting the best marriage advice is one of the most helpful ways in saving any marriage from falling apart.

Whenever couples decide to get married, that is the time in their relationships when they feel so much love for each other which is why they decide to spend their lives together. Whether you are prepared for the challenges in marriage or not, chances are you will still find yourself in an instance that you never conceived of.

Communication barriers is one of the most common challenges that married couples face. And facing temptation is also usual. Both you and your husband may get too busy with work that you take for granted each other's needs. Financial problems are also commonly experienced by married couples. You may have a difficult time having your first baby. There are so many reasons that can make a marriage fall apart.

But then, you wanted this marriage in the first place. Why will you give up on your decision now? You were both so in love with each other before. Surely, you may still find a way to get things back to the way they were. If you are facing marital struggles, these are some of the thoughts playing on your mind now. And in order to save the marriage, couples will first and foremost look for ways to get marriage advice.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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If you are having problems in your marriage, one of the first things that you do is confide in your family. You know that your family will always want what is right for you. You can definitely get valuable marriage advice from your parents and siblings who are working on their marriages too. Most especially your parents who are already wiser than you are since they have been married much longer and have been through more problems than you have.

If you believe that you need more than advice from your family, you can seek the help of a professional marriage counselor. Here, a professional marriage counselor can help you know how to communicate with your spouse better; identify the problem areas in your marriage; and establish appropriate ways on how to address the problem areas. One common problem with marriage counseling is that both you and your spouse may not be open to this set-up. You will need to get marriage advice in some other way if you or your spouse do not favor going to marriage counseling.

Another source of marriage advice is the self-help books that you can purchase in bookstores. Self-help books may be written by people who have gone through the same marriage problems or by well-known professional marriage counselors. There are also valuable in saving your marriage.

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