Husbands who cheat by Beth Shepherd psychic. If only I had a dollar for each time a married man told me it was not his fault that he ended up cheating and went on to explain to me it was because he had got married when he was young and married a woman that he neither enjoyed spending time with or had any feelings for. Why he then says this is not his fault beats me! He was not forced into it, it was all his idea. If you then question him further he will eventually admit something such as the woman was dating him and refused to have sex with him until they were married and he was very keen on having sex so he reluctantly married her so that he could get a sex life. Now there is the truth and the real problem. He paid a huge price to get what he wanted and then regretted it later.

Now that most are much more free and easy with their sexual favours it is unlikely that a man would feel the need to get married to get a sex life. Things were different then because the woman expected a man to marry her and provide for her and her role, in return, was to provide him with sex, to be the mother of his children and to cook and clean for him. Love rarely entered into the equation.
He would have preferred to have had all of these comforts and luxuries without spending money or getting married, so she would say no until he gave her that very important wedding ring.

Beth Shepherd the famous clairvoyant tarot reader and psychic says it really does not matter why a man cheats because it hurts anyway but if I was married and my husband cheated on me I would feel a lot worse if I felt it was in anyway a lack of respect for me or because of something I had done, or had not done. Usually a wife gets very angry with her husband because she is scared he will leave her rather than because she hates the idea he has gone with another woman. It would be a lot more sensible for her to take control of the situation
and not let him decide whether or not he is leaving or staying and decide that he is not worth staying with and she is ending the marriage.

It really depends on what you want from a marriage and what you would lose by ending that marriage. If you have married a man for financial security and he is providing you with a wonderful home and lots of money then you probably wouild be silly to get a divorce. It depends if your emotional happiness is most important or your financial security, and whether you are willing and able to provide that for yourself. at

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