Aging is a normal and inevitable process of the human body. One of the first and most common symptoms of aging is the joint pain and irritation, which can occur during the ages of thirty and forty years old. The human body naturally carries hyaluronic acid in the skin, cartilage, blood vessels, and joint fluid. It is a major component in keeping skin moisturized and also serves a prominent role in maintaining joint lubrication.

What forms do Hyaluronic Acid come in?

Hyaluronic acid comes in many forms, depending on the usage or symptoms it is treating. For skin treatment, Hyaluronic acid can be found as a topical medications. For cartilage or joints, it can be found in tablet or pill form. Both of these can also be treated with a direct injection. However, due to its high cost, it is usually considered as a last alternative.

What does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

Hyaluronic acid is produced in the cell. It helps to hold in moisture and improves elasticity to reduce friction on joints. It is then excreted into the tissues through the extracellular matrix or ECM, which is a universal factor of all extra cellular space. With lack of hyaluronic acid comes less moisture to cushion the joints, causing pain or stiffness in joint movement. Its most pure form comes from rooster combs, which carry an exponentially excessive amount of hyaluronic acid. Even with the molecular weight lowered, it still remains highly concentrated. Research has shown that once taken orally by rats and dogs, Hyaluronic acid is administered throughout the joints and organs in the body through just one dose.

Where can I get it?

For joints, consult a physician about injections, or find Hyaluronic tablets online at:

As people get older, one of the more common and first signs of aging are joint pains. This occurs because of the lack of moisture in and around the joint to keep it from creating friction. Hyaluronic acid helps to maintain the moisture in joints as well as elasticity. You can administer the acid orally through tablet or through injection.

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