Water is very important for human beings and other living things. In the human body, 70% of fluids are water. Bone marrow needs water to generate blood and then the blood carries the oxygen from the lungs to the whole body. Besides that, water can maintain a human’s body temperature and provide it with natural vitamins with minerals.

Hydromo is a water treatment and wastewater management company catering to industrial, commercial, and luxury home sectors with sustainable water and energy solutions. This is enabled via Consulting, design, installation, and support cycle. Inspired by the works associated with Naandi and Water health while working with Dr. Reddy, Jay Chadalwada – CMD of the company realized the significance of water as a resource and how the basic needs are also not accessible to less fortunate people living in rural areas. This was a key driver in setting up Hydromo. Let us read the given below excerpts of the interview with Insights Success a business magazines india to know more:

Kindly talk about the various or specialized wastewater management or treatment services that your company provides to its clients.

We believe in customizations as per our client requirements and providing the technologies that best fit. Factors like client opex, capex – Ensuring the PCB norms, providing space-efficient yet comprehensive solutions have been our strength.

What is the vision and mission of your company?


We would like to grow as industry leaders in the Renewable sector contributing to long-term sustainability by implementing efficient upbeat and innovative technology solutions in Water treatment, Wastewater management, and Solar across Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors.

What kind of challenges has the company and its team faced being in the wastewater treatment business?

One of the growing pain areas is that the industry giants leave projects halfway through or unfinished and we take over, our team must reconstruct, there is more innovation and design thinking involved to work in specific limitations.

Being in the wastewater treatment space, how technological advancements and their knowledge has enhanced the business of your company?

We have achieved a 500% growth rate from the time we set up due to the expertise and bespoke solutions that we can offer. Being on top of the game and incorporating innovative technologies has set us apart. We are working with premium clients across domains.

As one of India’s best water treatment companies, what are you doing differently than the rest of your competition?

We offer world-class products and services that are safe and environment-friendly at the best value for money to our clients. Hydromo has hand-picked the best of the existing water technology, process, and products; and fine-tuned it to meet our customer’s requirements and made as cost-effective and energy efficient.

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