Hydroponic gardening is growing plants without soil. It is a new method of planting crops in water that is becoming popular because of its convenience. It requires less space, water, time and plants can be grown indoors. How is it possible?

Plants sustain themselves by photosynthesis. They use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make glucose which they need to survive. Normally, soil supplies plants with water and nutrients. However, when the nutrients are dissolved in water, they can be absorbed directly by roots which defeat the purpose of soil.  

When plants are grown in soil, the roots search for water and nutrients to support them. In hydroponic systems the roots are directly exposed to nutrients and water. They don’t have to exert energy to acquire food. As a result, the saved energy is redirected into the plants’ growth allowing them to grow faster and healthier.

Hydroponic systems use growing mediums instead of soil. They can be peat moss, coir, aged chopped barks, perlites, or clay pebbles. Mediums don't have nutrients unlike soil but they are important to hold the plant in place. They also help retain moisture and nutrients which the plant need. Growing mediums are pH neutral to maintain the balance of nutrient solution in water.

Growing plants in water instead of soil is space saving. You don’t need a wide area for the roots to spread out in search of nutrients. The plant’s food is directly supplied in roots. Therefore, plants have smaller root system. Plants can be grown close to each other as they don’t have to compete for the nutrients. You’ll only need a small tray and just enough amount of medium to anchor the plant in place. The tray must have holes allowing the roots to submerge in water-nutrient solution.

No soil means less mess. If you are planning to grow them indoor (Yes, you can!), you don’t have to worry about tidiness. No bugs, muds, worms, or any nuisance to deal with. Just a refreshing view of leafy and healthy plants. Hydroponic system is great for herbs, peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and lettuces. Imagine picking them freshly for your salad. Sweet!

Hydroponic gardening works just about anywhere. It allows even an unfarmable area to support plants. For instance, your kitchen. This innovation of gardening can be done both indoor and outdoor. By home-growers and farmers. Home growers can use small containers with holes on the lid to grow crops for their consumption. Farmers usually use large pipes and water pumps to plant as many as they want. Water pumps are required in large hydroponic system for continues water flow. This help farmers saved water. For indoor plants, they must be place near the window or have a light system installed for them to get their needed light energy. 

Growing crops in water is low maintenance. You don’t have to water every day or fertilize often. Eliminating the soil prevent pest and bacteria which are the primary causes of diseases in plants. Putting the plants indoor gives you more control. You don’t have to worry about the weather outside or bugs that can destroy your crops.

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Isabella Whitmore loves plants and gardening. She has a small hydroponic garden at home in which she grows herbs and vegetables. She works at https://electrickettlesplus.com which helps people find the perfect electric kettles for them.