The package of health, fitness and confidence are delivered through the deliberate effort of engaging in a regular exercise regimen and one may well mull over this fact. Countless benefits are to be gained from constant exercise as it inarguably promotes well-being by stimulating the body and elevating the mood. The sluggishness of the mind and the body are done away with through the release of endorphins which provide that buoyant, uplifting sensation when exercising. When one exercises, they do wonders for the heart – literally- and the mind. The best exercises by far are those which are cardio vascular in nature.

When an exercise is cardio vascular, it enhances the overall functioning of the heart and strengthens that major organ. Consequently, cardio vascular exercise lengthens the life span. As cardio vascular exercises are centered on the heart, it helps to ward off heart diseases and heart attacks which commonly occur among obese individuals due to clogged arteries. Aside from that, cardio vascular exercise provides aesthetic rewards by eliminating body fat and accentuating the muscles. Cardio vascular exercises can either be low impact or high intensity. Both kinds are actually beneficial, but apparently, high impact cardio vascular exercises deliver greater rewards. Through such exercises, body fat is burned and diminished, but those which are of high intensity make the process speedier.

Experts have long discovered that the human body burns fat when doing exercises such as swimming or walking. But much more fat and calories are eliminated during high intensity cardio vascular workouts such as running. During an exercise when the body’s glycogen reserve diminishes, carbohydrates within the system will be utilized to replenish the used up glycogen rather than being converted into fat. When engaging in high intensity cardio vascular workouts, however, the metabolism remains to be stimulated long after the exercises are done. Thus, the wonder of high impact cardio vascular exercise is that the body continues to burn fat and calories even after an individual has culminated their physical activity.

Low intensity cardio vascular exercises does not deliver the same benefits, thus, the arduous effort invested in high intensity exercises may well be worth it if one is intent not only in losing weight but in promoting overall bodily functions as well. One effective means of achieving optimum results from high impact cardio vascular workouts is to apply interval training. For instance, one can initially walk for 5 minutes, then jog in the next 5 minutes. Then one can proceed with brisk walking until they catch their breath, sprint for a minute or so and then walk again. From then on, one can do running and walking alternately for the next 15 minutes until one is done for the day.

It may be worth giving cardio vascular exercises a try as the more they are done, the more energetic one gets. Aside from burning calories, cardio vascular workouts primarily keep the energy levels high. Stair or step exercises are included within the variation of such exercises and there are basically countless options to choose from. Once an individual develops a liking for exercise, they may find that cardio vascular exercise is a great way to keep in top shape while boosting the energy as well.

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