Hyperacidity is not that new to everyone …

Feeling of burning in the stomach, sourness in the throat, headache or heaviness, feeling of food in the stomach as well as lying down, feeling of panic – all these symptoms are due to acidity.
We all suffer from bile at some point in our lives, some people suffer from bile constantly and some people have a habit of it and some people see us taking pills for bile constantly, and they think this is normal.

But do you know that taking antacids regularly can put your gallbladder and liver at risk and increase your chances of getting cancer over time? (This has been proven in research).
To understand why acidosis occurs, you need to understand “natural bile”.
Your body has a very special structure.

Your body has a very special structure. At the right time with your meal, an acid from the liver enters your stomach and makes you feel hungry.
Meals are digested by those acids and provide nutrients to the whole body. There are 5 types of bile in our body. They have a special place in the body.

The first and second places are related to digestion and provide nutritious juices to the body.
The third-place stays in the heart and manages our enthusiasm and mental thoughts.

fourth sees the function of the eyes.
And the fifth stay in the skin and sees its function as the radiance of the skin, the character.
They all work differently but are related to each other.
Prakrit bile is doing all these activities in the body.
So when you suffer from bile, not only the food is not digested properly but other complaints also appear. Such as feeling unhappy, palpitations in the chest, sometimes high BP, dark eyes, dark skin.
So complete history is very important in Ayurveda.

Things to care about Acidity is mention in the given article.

Change in lifestyle, as well as food culture, is the only reason for Acidity.


1. A painful burning sensation in the chest/heartburn

2. Burping

3. Headache

4. Nausea Acidity occurs when there are excess or unbalanced secretions of acids in the stomach.

What are the reasons of acidity?
1.Lack of rest, fast-moving lifestyle

2. Insufficient sleep at night

3. Irregular meal time

4. Excessive intake of Oily foods, fast food, Spicy food, green vegetables, Cereal, carbonated drinks, and alcohol.

5. Stressful lifestyle

How to Prevent Acidity?
1.Follow the meal times.

2. Take adequate sleep & rest.

3. Take food and water which is easily digested Medical Treatments In Panchkarma

1. Vamankarma, Virechan Karma, Basti, Shirodhara.

2. Varshik / Annual panchakarma for ex. Vaman in Vasant rutu or virechan in Shishir rutu also useful

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Hyperacidity, How to Prevent Acidity? What are the reasons of acidity? Feeling of burning in the stomach, sourness in the throat, headache or heaviness