Hypnosis has been used by thousands of people every year to accomplish a vast amount of areas in their lives they wish to change or enhance. Weight loss is one of very top issues that are addressed. Stop smoking is as well. I do seminars with corporation's to address these matters. I have talked to many people who have struggled with yo yo weight issues and one thing commonly comes to the top of the conversation. There are so many components that are in place that need to be addressed in weight issues. Some of them are as follows. Stress eating, stress management, self-esteem, self-image, self-sabotage, coping skills for triggers and cravings are just some of the top things that have brought to my attention. Have you ever tried to lose weight and have had some success, just to be sabotaged by someone saying "just have one piece of cake it won't make any difference". If this is well meaning or not, it does make a difference if you have an addiction to sugar. Yes I said addiction because that is what it is.

Let's talk a little bit about programming. I will give you an example. I have a friend that the programming goes like this. He was brought up as a child that after dinner, the whole family would go into the living room, watch TV and have their cookies or cake with coffee and milk. This was an every night thing. What happened as a result, this person became as I in dearly call him the COOKIE MONSTER. He had to have his cookies and milk in the evening. As he blew up to a staggering 350LB. at a height of 5"6" and suffered cancer as a result he realized this was not a good thing. He much to my happiness, has beat his cancer and now weights in at 210LBs. One of the things that took place was this, I did a procedure on his with N.L.P to remove the programming and stop the addiction of cookies in the evening and more importantly cookies and sweets period. That was not his only issue, he was a stress eater. That was how he dealt with his stress. He ate it away, or so he thought. Between the cravings for sweets and the stress eating he began to destroy his body. After surviving the cancer he had to make a life altering choice. Continue to eat the way he was eating or make some life changes. He chose the later thankfully. He started watching what he was eating and beginning an exercise regiment and that was his start to his weight loss. He has been diligent about continuing this pattern and now is feeling better than ever. The moral of this story is there is harm in weight gain, things can be changed for the better and there is always hope. We only fail if we stop trying. All of the components that are a contributing factor to weight issues. smoking issues and more can be rectified if we just have the tools. If you have not researched hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom technique please do so. You may be astounded at what you find and the results that can be had. One thing I would like to share before I end this article is just this. Repetition is programming. If we do things continually the subconscious is programmed to believe this the reality and so it makes it reality. There is an old saying we are what we think. So true. If you doubt this take a while and really evaluate what you do on a daily basis, the life choices you make and think where did that come from. You may have a life altering perception. The good news is this. We can change and negative thinking, behavior and choices we may have accumulated during your life. If you are struggling with blocks, self-sabotage, or any other difficulties in your life. Do your research.

On that note I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. A bountiful and healthy 2017. My blessings and peach be with you and yours.

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