Masturbation, coupled with hypnosis, can give women more than just physical pleasure.

Sheila, Catherine and Nathalie [pseudonyms] are three female clients of mine who recently discovered that self-pleasuring when enhanced with hypnosis can yield:

  • Increased self-acceptance
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Feelings of self-worth
  • Enhanced relationships

These benefits were enjoyed by all three women despite their various backgrounds. Sheila is 51, never married although she’s had many lovers; Catherine is 47 and lesbian; Nathalie, 53, married 15 years but whose husband suffers with ED following a severe car accident. Sheila and Catherine were sexually abused at ages 7 and 16 respectively

Their reasons for seeking therapy varied (such as insomnia or anxiety) but what they had in common were feelings of loneliness, low self-esteem and of being unworthy.

One of the main advantages of self-pleasuring as a therapeutic technique is precisely that it is self-administered. Hypnosis, self-suggestion and “permission” from the therapist combine to make the activity more than simple self-indulgence.

The role(s) of hypnosis:

  • To enhance physical pleasure
  • To silence critical voices
  • To implant the belief that she is deserving
  • To build high self-esteem
  • To reinforce the positivity of the experience

Among the resulting benefits perhaps the most important is the feeling of self-control that arises from the comfort the women bring themselves. It’s not merely physical. What makes the process therapeutic are the emotional and psychological components.

One such component is the reversal of the feelings of being undeserving, unloved (and sometimes) even unlovable. The symbolism of pleasuring oneself by definition means the woman IS deserving and worthy of being loved.

Giving to herself balances against the common habit of many women in ignoring their own needs in favor of giving to others. Something which usually ends in resentment.

Since hypnotic suggestions require repetition it is wonderful that women, unlike men, can enjoy as many orgasms as they wish in quick succession.

Key to the therapeutic aspects of masturbation is how to transfer those good feelings into everyday living, into relationships and activities. That’s another way hypnosis helps.

With the right pre- and post-hypnotic suggestions women such as Sheila, Catherine and Nathalie are enabled to feel loved, to feel strong and to bask in the self-control that flows hypnotically from self-pleasuring experience.

However, the survivor of sexual abuse must be careful to avoid fantasizing about her abuser. Masturbation fantasies need to be as positive as possible. Which is not to say all rough, otherwise disgusting or frightening fantasies should be eschewed. Sometimes it can be helpful for a woman to accept what would under other circumstances be deemed abhorrent in order that she can let go of shame, guilt or rage.

For those who, like Sheila, Catherine and Nathalie, grew up with the supposed dangers of masturbation echoing in their minds, hypnosis provides a great way to hush those damaging messages

Silencing of the thoughts (even voices) in a woman’s head of parental, religious or societal condemnations of masturbation is easily accomplished with hypnosis and can thus bring a deep sense of relief from such inhibitions.

So as not to get caught up in his or her own fantasies during the session the hypnotherapist (especially if male or lesbian) is well-advised to employ my Privacy Technique when encouraging a female client to enjoy the self-pleasuring approach.

All three self-deprecating female clients discovered the hypnotic masturbation method brought about profound positive changes in their lives.

Author's Bio: 

Bryan M. Knight, MSW, PhD is Canada's foremost hypno-psychotherapist. Two of the clients in this article used Dr Knight's pioneering online hypno-psychotherapy service