Self Confidence And Self Esteem

Normally, something as basic as self confidence takes a while to develop, and even with the aid of self improvement tools like affirmations, meditation and hypnosis, it will not be a case of instant gratification which so many of us have come to expect these days. But since in the real world all things are relative, there always seems to be the long way and the short way, and when it comes to self confidence, the quicker the better.

Self confidence and self esteem are two concepts that are closely related and it is generally believed that self confidence springs from self esteem or the lack of it. It is a sad testament to our species level of development that so many so called adults have so little skills when it comes to parenting, and I suppose that it is somewhat understandable in view of the condition our civilization is in as far as development is concerned.

But the fact remains that parents can and do damage their children without even suspecting anything. Not realizing that to the new human mind, they (the parents) are like gods, and therefore any words or even gestures and facial expressions are pronouncements from above. So when we give any indication that the child is dumb, or incapable, or inadequate, or any negative condition, it must be understood that the child doesn't understand that this may be only intended to indicate a temperary condition, to the child this means that they are and therefore always will be stupid, dumb or whatever.

This is such a simple truth that it makes me wonder at the level of ignorance we as a species have fallen to. And this scenario isn't isolated, it is rampant in our world. What is the result? Millions of otherwise perfect Human life forms walking around suffering from a completely false self image. A self image that can and does have devastating consequences. Low or no self esteem takes self confidence completely off the table, and opens the door to a lifetime of failure.

Does Hypnosis Represent Hope?

While all the tools out there are useful for self change and I've used many of them myself with great success, the real difference with hypnosis is that it is one of the quickest ways to achieve our goals, especially those goals that deal with the deeper issues such as core belief and life scripts. These issues are more difficult because they are so fundamental, that is, so many other things are defined by them.

That fact however represents good news because when we finally straighten out some basic issue, many other issues just disappear. But self confidence and self esteem are deeply linked to our feelings of self worth and that in turn is linked to our ability to love ourselves which in turn is linked to our ability to love others. So this one issue not only impacts deep, but broad as well.

I know these things from personal experience and have seen with my own eyes just how completely this kind of damage can ruin lives. We are born with certain basic rights. There is no such thing as a naturally stupid or dumb human, there are only parents who say and do dumb things out of ignorance and arrogance. Seek to understand that you are born perfect and deserve all that life has to offer. Seek to find your loving heart and when you do, you will know your real self.

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If you would like to investigate the benefits of hypnosis where self confidence issues are concerned this is a good place to start
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