You’ve been riding the weight loss roller coaster, countless yo-yo diets, pills, patches, “food programs,” exercise programs, surgery and more advice than you know what to do with. Low-carb, lowfat, grapefruit, cabbage soup, apple diet, juice diet, metabolism diet, sugar busters, Atkins, blood type…can somebody make the world stop spinning so we can GET OFF? Read on to see why you’re REALLY overweight, and how hypnosis can help you drop the pounds permanently and feel great.

Let’s face it, America is overweight. The numbers increase every year, it’s affecting men, women, even children. It’s affecting businesses, health care costs, relationships and the daily lives of millions of people.

If you’re one of those people who has been battling the bulge without success, or have a tendency to fall off your diet, hypnosis could be the answer you are looking for.

With hypnosis:
You don’t have to diet
You feel better about yourself right away
You feel motivated to exercise
You want to be good to yourself
You can improve many areas of your life at the same time
And best – you get results.

Why does hypnosis work? Let’s talk about your inner belief system for a moment. You are made up of a web of beliefs, and most of them aren’t even yours. Consider that most of your beliefs were set in place by the time you were seven years old. Many of them belonged to your relatives, you got some from Church, from friends, teachers, even from TV. Some you learned from experience – did you ever get food for a reward? Or when you were hurt? Get your tonsils out and you can have all the ice cream you want…

But beliefs are like the inner programming that runs your life. They get buried deep inside, and then we just go through life, operating off that programming. Most of us never realize what many of our beliefs even are, we just go through our lives being who we are, and sometimes wondering why we do the things we do. And some of us get frustrated because we get stuck. Stuck in life, stuck in our careers, or stuck on our diets.

With hypnosis, you are able to take a look at that belief system, and really understand what’s going on inside. Why are you driven to eat that bag of potato chips? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just change that inner urge? Beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create feelings, feelings create action. What if you could change that core belief?

That’s what hypnosis can do.

Hypnosis is generally a very relaxing experience, much like deep meditation. The difference is, you have your hypnotist – your guide to retraining your mind. When you uncover those old beliefs and let them go, it’s easy to choose new ones to replace them. Imagine filling your mind with new beliefs that you choose yourself. Beliefs that will help you get motivated, eat healthy and really take care of yourself. Wouldn’t it be great to let go of the struggle?

You know that you have some limiting beliefs…we all do. Wouldn’t it be great, if in just a few sessions with a qualified hypnotist you could let go of your limiting beliefs, resolve old, uncomfortable feelings, and feel emotionally and physically balanced?

That’s what hypnosis can do. And it can be easy.

Imagine, you chat with your hypnotist a bit, sit in a nice, comfy recliner, close your eyes and listen to a nice soothing voice. Then you let go of all your worries and stress – your hypnotist helps you discover the things that are keeping you heavy and helps you resolve and change them, creating a new inner picture (or “program”) of yourself. Your inner mind knows its new responsibility – to help you achieve that new program. You open your eyes feeling refreshed and balanced – and motivated. Cool, right?

You’ll think it’s really cool when you see yourself getting thinner, almost automatically.

That’s what hypnosis can do.

Author's Bio: 

Tracey Burchard is a Board Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Instructor, Life Coach and Stress Management Consultant. She takes personal clients in her office in Altamonte Springs, just outside of Orlando, and also does Life Coaching by phone nationwide. For more information on hypnosis, free newsletter and MP3 downloads, visit her website at