If you believe that the religion versus science argument for human origins holds water, then you are forced to side with either of two biased and shortsighted conclusions.

Who is preaching nonsense and who is not? The truth about anything unproven is subjective. The true nature of deception is when "qualified and educated individuals", who stand in positions of power and influence, lead us to believe in unproven facts.

Determining whether or not an argument is substantial is based upon the questions that remain after the conclusions are derived. Theoretically, the more questions that can be answered, the closer we are to the truth in our assumptions. In any proposal or theory we must consider all of the evidence and not just some of it.

Being led to believe that science is unbiased in its linear view of human history is equally absurd as believing in the 6000-year-old creation story espoused by fundamentalists. Although it may not appear on the surface, the scientific bias is obvious because of ignored evidence that conflicts with their linear view.

In a previous post we discussed the Great Pyramid, and although there are many historic anomalies like it, I will use it as a case in point. Science suggests that the Egyptians constructed this megalith because there is no other explanation within their current theories of human origins and history. Proof of their bias is observed by the reluctance to share the mounds of contradicting scientific evidence, discovered in the last 150 years, with students and the general public.

It's extremely ludicrous to continue the charade hiding obvious cogs in the wheel of the scientific viewpoint. Anomalies similar to the Great Pyramid have been discovered by science all over the world, but they are being swept under the rug by institutions bent on guarding the obsolete foundation for human origins, which contribute largely in the influence of human thought.

Ancient Alien theory has emerged as an attempt to answer the questions left behind by the aging scientific viewpoint, but it also leaves many other questions unanswered.

We cannot ignore the implied but unobserved evidence of religion, which is hidden beneath dogmatic rhetoric. Instead of arguing its many unacceptable conclusions, we should carefully evaluate its origins while considering the effects of an institution's centuries-old attempt to retain power and influence, much like science today. From that perspective, we can link many of the mysteries of science with the icons of religous dogma.

We, as individuals, need to examine the evidence and decide for ourselves how to evaluate the information. The more we can educate ourselves, the easier it will be to see through the veil of deception disguised as truth by the institutions whose survival rests on uniformed constituents easily led by dogma and misinformation.

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Author's Bio: 

Born in 1955, Matthew Petti was raised as a devout Catholic in a small New Jersey town. In 1976, after three years of business studies in college and an Associate Degree, he opted for a job as a salesman for W. Clement Stone's Combined Insurance Group, a company strictly modeled after the practices of the infamous rags-to-riches high school dropout known for his timeless books, ageless quotes and liaison with Napoleon Hill. Required reading for sales training were Stone's The Success System that Never Fails, Hill's, Think and Grow Rich and their joint effort, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude.

Only a month after leaving the Combined Group in June of 1977, Matthew's path in life was redirected by an extraordinary epiphany, which had him gasping for air during an unexplainable surge of Spiritual awareness. His perspectives and priorities were swiftly rearranged by a sense of urgency, insight and a deep yearning to make sense of the overwhelming experience, which he could not fully understand. Within two months, he had become certain that our world was on the brink of a major upheaval--igniting his obsession with the book of Revelation. The burning desire to make sense of his unforgettable vision turned him away from church rituals and dogma, which had become an obstacle in his ongoing search for Truth. Matt did not turn his back to God, but soon realized the importance of making sense of a world confused by the flaws in many religious and scientific claims.

Armed with his college education and indelible experience, Stone's powerful impressions, two years of technical training and insatiable curiosity, Petti founded and developed a very successful security hardware and burglar alarm business by the late 80 s. With W. Clement Stone's famous words in mind, "Truth will always be the Truth regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance", Matthew's quest for answers to unexplained ancient mysteries and the cryptic book of Revelation led him to new and profound conclusions. An unusual theory, based upon his unforgettable experience and early research, had emerged to become both a controversial topic in social gatherings and the center of his internal focus.

A life-changing decision to walk away from financial success, in the midst of more important personal circumstances, was heavily influenced by his central beliefs and altered his life's journey in the early 90's. He resumed a free-lance career in his technical craft, which provided him with free time to continue his research and to reflect on his ideas. His first book, Heretical Wisdom, was published in 2001 after devoting much of his time and resources to learn some very valuable lessons. Now, his indelible vision has become a timely and well-researched perspective guaranteed to answer questions we may have never thought to ask.