Hair loss at an early age is a real problem for both men and women that affects several aspects of the person; from the self-esteem, going through the image and even also causes important episodes of stress, which in turn makes the problem worse.

What diabetes has to do with the health of your hair?

As we know, hair loss can be caused by multiple reasons, but the imbalance of diabetes leads to this symptomatology. Whether you suffer from high sugar levels or hypoglycemia can cause hair loss, since diabetes is directly related to the growth and repair of the body.

The first thing you notice...
The hair begins to thin, the notes become thinner and weaker, its growth atrophies and falls more than usual. The intensity of hair loss can vary from person to person. While some lose strands, others may lose hair in a bunch or by zones.

It is necessary to resort to a professional so that you can evaluate the situation and identify the cause of hair loss; not always the direct origin is diabetes or the continuous drops of sugar that occur without knowledge. Some people have hypoglycemia but are unaware of the problem, since sometimes the person suffers from other conditions that can disguise the problem, as for example can be the complications of the thyroid are often related to sugar and diabetes.

This can be diagnosed effectively with a blood test. One of the most common causes of hair loss is due to the deficiency of the blood circulation because it does not have a balanced sugar level, so the blood does not reach the hair follicles or hair roots.

Due to this the pores of the hair are malnourished since they do not receive the nutrients that they require and that are brought by the natural blood flow. The roots weaken and the hair stops growing. It cannot develop and renew, and this is the case in hyperglycemia, when it comes to hypoglycemia, the imbalance is another but as such also affects and therefore in addition to the fall and the aforementioned you will notice dull hair, drier and deteriorated. This is why it is important to have a medical checkup to identify the cause of the problem to solve it.

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