Do you find yourself drawn to shows like Star Trek, Star Gate, Men in Black or other Sci-Fi movies about alien beings? Have you speculated what you would do if you ever met an Extra Terrestrial?

Well, guess what! I’m an ET and so are many of you. For many of us, the essence of who we are at a soul level, originated in other star systems, such as Sirius, Pleiades, Polaris or Alpha Centari. We bring these energetic influences with us as we incarnate on Earth. We may have spent many lifetimes on Earth and have adapted to Earthly living, but our roots are in the cosmos, and at some deep, inner level, we know that our home is in the stars and beyond.

Some souls are new-combers to our world and have a harder time adapting, dealing with the energy density, living in a physical form, and have many health challenges because of that. The strength of emotions and slower manifestation process, the opportunity to make choices freely and solely by what we desire, can distract even the most stalwart and good intentioned ET. Some ET souls had their worlds destroyed and are basically wandering and displaced. They long for their home, but are making the best of it here by trying to fit in or become part of a group, but may feel restless and alone at a very deep level.

Most of us came to Earth with good intentions, to expand our awareness and soul evolution through experiences, to share our wisdom with others, and help those that are having more trouble adapting to this environment. Many ET’s have spiritual messages to share, especially during this time of transition for our world, and more new, highly evolved souls are joining us here specifically for this transition.

Let’s embrace and enjoy our cosmic heritage. We really are children of the cosmos, and are connected in more ways than we can imagine to the Universe and all it contains. Let’s relish who we are as Divine Cosmic children, and the unique combination of gifts we bring to share with this world.

Your favorite place in the night sky is probably where your roots and cosmic home is located. Next time you gaze into the night sky and marvel at the expansiveness and beauty contained therein, remember where you came from and that we are all part of one big cosmic family.

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