“I am a coach. Should I put my prices on my website?”

This is a great question and is one that I hear all the time. I would love to jump in and add value from my perspective of working with thousands of coaches. Why? Because this is not simply a question of whether you should put your costs on your site, it’s actually about

  • the perception of the industry
  • marketing to your audience at a deeper level.
  • The Old Model Of Building A Coaching Business

    Putting your prices on your website is a significant indicator of the old model of building a coaching business. What do I mean? 90% of coaches’ websites have in their navigation bar “about” “services” “work with me” “prices”.

    Let’s think about this from a potential clients’ point of view. Somehow a potential client has found your website, let’s say this is a single woman, let’s call her Sam, in her 30’s who feels as though the clock is ticking and you are a relationship coach. Sam is visiting your website with mindset of her biggest pain point – she wants to be in a relationship.
    As Sam looks at your website all she sees is “yes I can help you and here’s how much I charge”. Sam disappears and looks elsewhere. Why?

    There is no like, no trust and no rapport. Sam has no idea of you, what you are about, whether there is a connection or how you will help her find her man and all you are doing is pumping out your prices to her. You are simply telling her that you would like to make money from her pain point.

    This old model of building a coaching business says position your website as a business, state how much you charge, maybe offer a lead magnet and see if she gets in touch with her credit card details.

    Sam has gone. Sam is still single. Poor Sam.

    This model is the equivalent of a guy going up to a random hot chick in the street and saying “Hey, want to have sex?” – where is the relationship building, the value, the trust, the rapport?

    The New Model Of Building A Coaching Business

    To build a hungry tribe of people who are on a like-minded journey together, you are positioned as an authority and add value every single day – the like, the trust and the rapport is growing constantly and consistently.

    What if, when Sam comes to your website, she doesn’t see the prices but she is met with an invitation to join your tribe of hundreds if not thousands of like-minded single women who are on a journey together, trying to figure out this crazy Brigette Jones world together. Within this tribe you add value every day – dating tips, self-love tips, how to meet the right guy tips. Your free content is better than your competitors paid content and Sam thinks you are awesome.

    You wake up one day and you get a message from Sam that says, “I love your content. How can I work with you?” Why is Sam asking this question? Because she has value, trust, rapport – she sees you as someone she looks up to, she is in an environment in which those that she has come to know and always respect are stating how awesome you are too.

    Sam wants to work with you. But not simply Sam, so does Jane and Lucy and Taryn too – they love what you have built and now they are telling all their single friends about your tribe and they are joining too.

    Model One: Pay me and work with me or move on.

    Model Two: Come hang out with me, learn from me and find your tribe of other amazing people just like you. And, every single day you have people contacting you asking you about your services.

    I have chosen option two and have generated seven figures as a result. So can you.

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