I Am Addicted To My Ex: Am I Still In Love with My Ex or Just Lonely

If you are finding yourself saying "I still love my ex with all my heart!", then you have to stop and think about what you want to have happen next. After all, it is only natural that there is some residual love left over. You spent some great times together and at least some point in time you were really close. What does it really mean to you when you say to yourself "I still love my ex with all my heart!"?

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

The first thing you have to ask yourself is do you "still love your ex with all my heart" or is this residual feelings from a great relationship that ended. If it is just fondness from a great time together, don't push the relationship. It will either redevelop or you will drift away or maybe even remain friends for awhile. Their friendship could be invaluable - they know you and let's face it, good friends are hard to find.

However, if you are saying "I still love my ex with all my heart!" from a strong emotional tie to that person then you have to be willing to do some work. For one thing, does the other person have any interest in getting back together? If so, what caused the breakup and what needs to change in order to make the relationship work this time. It may be something obvious (at least to you) but this step my require professional advice. Are you or your partner ready to take that step to rebuild your relationship?

If you find yourself saying "I still love my ex with all my heart!" there really is no need to panic. Initiate contact, don't push to hard, see if there is interest on the other side and what you both need to do to make it work. Before you know it, you may not be saying "I still love my ex with all my heart!" but "I'm in love!".

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It does not matter if you have the "gift of the gab" all you need is the right attitude and honest approach and you can get your ex to see things your way! Here are some excellent tips that will help you to say the right words that will melt his heart and turn his heart towards you.

Don't be presumptuous and assume things
Even if you think you're right deep down inside, it does not give you the right to assume things and be presumptuous every time you meet your ex. It is perhaps time to wait and see what your ex says for a change. Be polite and get rid of that "know-it-all" smirk on your face. It will make him more comfortable with you.

Be discreet and hold that tongue
It pays to be discreet and hold your tongue till you find the right moment to say something to your ex. By not being too pushy and eager, you are actually giving yourself a chance to assess the whole situation and to pick up signals. Sooner or later you will find the perfect moment to talk to your ex in a natural and friendly way.

Wait for him to give you a sign
Don't be afraid to look for signals and signs that your ex will give you. If he is still thinking of you he won't be able to look away. He will smile at you and look inviting. These signs should make it easy for you to go up to him and say hello. You can be sure of not being rejected.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Ask him how he's been
There is no harm in inquiring about his health and how he has been since the break up. Not only will it let him know that you are thinking of him and concerned about his well fare but he will begin to feel special. When you talk to him make sure you have a friendly smile on your face so that he finds it easier to respond.

Focus on making him feel good and comfortable
It is obvious that if he feels stressed and uncomfortable in your company, he will become cold and distant with you and you will find it difficult to say anything to him. If you focus on making him feel relaxed, unthreatened and himself then you will be able to find many opportunities to start a conversation with him.

Say something that tells him that you have not forgotten him
Once you have managed to make him trust you again, it is important to let him know that you still think of the good times you have had with him in the past. Refer to a particular restaurant, club or even movie that holds special meaning to the both of you. This will start the ball rolling.

Use a "prop" to get things started
Do you know his pet peeves, favorite sport and if he is crazy about dogs? All you hve to do is walk into the room looking sensational, sexy and cuddling a cute puppy of his favorite breed and ask him if he minded holding on to it for sometime while you went and to the ladies! You can be sure he'll comply with your wishes!

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All relationships don't necessarily end in a complete break off. Very often two persons mutually agree that their relationship is futile, yet remain friendly. There is every possibility of your ex wanting you back. Here are some simple ways to know that.

Frequent contact
The contact with your ex appears to have hastened somewhat. The calls are more frequent of late. The purpose may not be very valid to warrant a call, yet your ex calls to find out how you are and what are you planning for the weekend.

Remembers your special days
Your ex has not completely forgotten you or your special days. They remember to call and wish you or sometimes even send you a small gift which tells you more than words would, that your ex does want you back.

An excuse to visit you
Your ex has managed to lay hands on a particular book that they once recommended to you. And now that they have the book in hand, they have taken the trouble to bring it across to your place to give it to you. It's just an excuse to visit you.

What if your lover has moved on? Here's how to get them back.

Friends suggest you were great together
It's very likely that friends may suggest of their own accord, that you two were great together. But believe you me, it is the voice of your ex that comes through them. You could verify this, but do believe me, that your ex certainly wants you back.

Two tickets to the show
Another simple way to prove that your ex wants you back, is when they call saying they have two tickets to a particular show that they're sure you'd enjoy. This is making the most of an opportunity, where you need to read between the lines.

Your ex frequents your hangouts
The reason and purpose behind your ex frequenting your hangouts is very simple. They want you back and unless they are in frequent touch or contact how else will getting back with you materialize? If you too want your ex back then avail this opportunity.

An email from your ex
Perhaps your ex does not see you around at a friend's party and mails you to let you know that they were there and everybody missed you. They will ask if all is well with you and if there was any particular reason why you could not come. So there you are, if your ex did not care for you or want you back then why the long mail asking about you.

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It's quite possible that your ex might have lost their feelings for you, but neither can you be sure of this nor can you take it for granted. You will need to study the changes through certain facts below.

Is your ex hanging around
The first sign to look for is if your ex is hanging around. If your ex, more often than not, hangs around in the same places as you or frequents the same places you both would, then you can surmise that your ex has feelings for you.

Does your ex turn round to acknowledge you
If your ex turns round to acknowledge you, when you're around in the same place, then it shows that your ex still has feelings for you. If on the other hand, your ex does not acknowledge you, it might prove they've lost all feelings.

Is your ex ignoring you
You cannot be certain of this behavior as it could be interpreted in two ways. Your ex may do this intentionally so that you pursue them, or they may do it because they actually want to ignore you because of the break up.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Does your ex enquire about you
This would best be known through common friends! Your friends will communicate to you that your ex was enquiring about you. Or if you enquire about your ex, they will likewise communicate it to them. This will tell you your ex still has feelings for you.

Does your ex call occasionally
If your ex takes the trouble of calling you occasionally to find out how you're doing, then be sure that they still have feelings for you. If they had completely lost all feelings then you would not find them calling even occasionally to find out about you.

Is your ex a loner now
If your ex is a loner now then you can be quite sure that they still have feelings for you and not lost all feelings for you. If your ex did not have feelings then you'd find them go about partying and having fun with not only old friends but with someone special as well.

Is your ex walking away
Lastly, this will tell you if your ex has feelings or lost all feelings for you. If you both happen to be at the same place does your ex turn around and walk away or just be cordial when confronted. If so, then, your ex has lost all feelings for you and would rather walk away than meet you.

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