I Am Afraid If I Won't Be Able To Sexual Satisfy My Wife after Marriage: Exercises to Increase the Size of Your Penis

The main answer for this secret is genes and how you lengthen it in puberty. There may be a lot of things that are out there in the market today that offer to give you a longer penis but in reality, you have to have it naturally in-born with you.

The thing with penis length and penis size is that it is dependent on the ancestors and the kind of penis size that they have. Usually, if your ancestors naturally have big ones, then you will too.

Another thing is when your ancestors have to work a lot physically. Having to endure hard physical work will relatively increase the blood supply to all muscle groups. And the penis will not be excluded. Physical endurance increases the cavities in which blood can go through. Thus, when the penis is arouse, it will be big.

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These qualities will then be translated in their genes and as they pass it on to generations further, even if you don't have as much exercise but your ancestors had, you will naturally have a big penis.

Another thing is to have good physical endurance exercise when you are young or having to experience puberty. As we all know, the puberty years is when everything in your body significantly grows bigger. The major parts to grow are the bones but the muscles so also lengthen.

Having to have good physical endurance exercise in these years can also contribute to the length and width of the penis.

If you are really feeling that your penis is small, then surgery can be an option. However, it can be very expensive and so you can try other cheaper methods which can be equally or sometime more effective to get your penis bigger. Some of these methods include: penis pumps, penis extenders or natural penis enlargement exercises.

Here are also some points that you should remember:

• First is to acknowledge that men only have an average of six inches for their penis. There may be other people that are enjoying a big penis but size really does not matter in bed, it is your performance.

• The penis thickens in age. That's right; you have to be patient for it to grow.

• Trim your pubic hair. This will show the most of your penis making it look longer.

• Maintain a fit body. It has been discovered that obese men have smaller penises so exercise often.

• Stop comparing yourself from other men. Remember that port stars are hired for their unusual penis size so you don't have to feel insecure.

So Is there a secret to get a longer penis? Actually there are no secrets. You just need to be patient and armed with the right penis enlargement protocols to increase your penis size overtime.

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A lot of men might have considered penis exercises or jelqing at some point in their life. They must have also wondered about its effectiveness and safety. The reason behind all the skepticism is because it is not easy to seek information on penis exercises. You could not discuss it with a friend like you were discussing a workout in a gym for example.

The fact of the matter is penis exercises are a safe and proven way to increase the size of the penis as long as they are done right. The most common mistake that people do when it comes to trying penis exercises are to do one of the following, either follow wrong instructions or quit too soon before they can see results.

Following good instructions

You will probably see a lot of results on the Internet when you search for penis exercises. Some will give away "free exercises" for you to get started with penis enlargement. You should however understand that it is not just one or two exercises that will increase the size of the penis. Penis enlargement with the help of penis exercises is a gradual process and it usually takes about 6-8 weeks to take effect.

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The reason why it takes that long is because a good exercise schedule will guide you through exercises of varying intensity. Your penis first needs to warm up to exercises and then get into a stage where growth can be stimulated with the right techniques. If you just blindly follow one exercise that you saw on the Internet, you could actually be harming your penis. A good penis exercise program will require you to perform over 25 different exercises although they will take only about 7 minutes a day. This is the safest way to perform penis exercises.

Quitting too early

This is another big reason why people think exercises do not work. You have to commit yourself to about 6-8 weeks of exercising to see results. If you are not ready for that, you should just not try exercises as they will be a waste of time if you quit early.

Though 6-8 weeks is a fairly long amount of time, it is only a few minutes of exercising everyday. You can just plug it into your schedule just after a shower and make it a daily routine for the next 6 weeks to make it easier. 7 minutes of exercising for about 6-8 weeks is only about 4 hours of exercises in two whole months.

In conclusion, exercises are safe and effective as long as you do them right and do them long enough.

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If you are reading this article, there is a very good chance that you are seriously considering penis enlargement. The average penis length is about 6.5 inches and the average girth is 4.9 inches. For those who do not measure up to these figures, it is always on their mind to look for ways to increase the size of their manhood.

Below is a brief summary of what each method could cost and produce in terms of results for those looking to enlarge their penis.

Penis Pills -

This is the most expensive form of penis enlargement. A months supply could easily run up to a $100. While they are ridiculously expensive, the most disappointing aspect to pills is that they just dont increase the size of your penis. Instead, what they do is give you a firmer erection or an erection that lasts a little bit longer than usual, usually a few more minutes than normal. It is just absolutely crazy to pop a pill everyday and expect your penis to grow. Your body does not work like that.

Penis Pumps -

These are gadgets that create a vacuum in a tube where your penis is inserted. The suction causes the blood flow to increase into the penis. This is a unnatural pressure which will result in firmer erections temporarily. The effect is usually gone within a few minutes. It is actually very popular with adult film actors who take a break when during a scene to pump their penis. Do you really want to spend $200-$400 for a device like that. They could also result in burst capillaries which should give you enough reason to stay far away from them.

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Penis Extenders -

These are also expensive contraptions that come in a kit that looks like a suitcase. You have to somehow fix the mechanism on to your penis and keep the contraption on for about 5-8 hours. It is not practical at all although the manufacturers will tell you that you can walk around comfortably with it all day. It is just nonsense. You will only just find yourself in an embarrassing situation when you try to perform every day duties with these extenders on.

Penis Exercises -

Exercises or jelqing are the only reasonable and natural way to enlarge the penis. This is a natural process that promotes growth in an organic manner. As with all natural processes, the results are not immediate and usually take about 6-8 weeks to show results. A one inch permanent gain in size is however very possible with the help of penis exercises.

These exercises usually take about 8 minutes a day, 5 times a week. All you will need are just some spare minutes, a bottle of lube and your own hands to get started. A good penis exercise program is also essential as it is not just one or two exercises that will result in penis enlargement. A good program will guide you through almost 30 different exercises in an organized manner with safety instructions so you can achieve penis enlargement in the safest and most optimized way possible.

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Feeling sexually incapacitated because of your small penis size? If it's any consolation, thousands of other men across the globe face the same dilemma as you do. But not many men know that there is actually something simple you can do to improve the size of your manhood, without having to embarrassingly consult your doctor about it. Simply by doing some simple stretching exercises to your male organ each morning, you can naturally grow your penis larger for good!

Most other guys commonly rely on some special male enhancement products to help them possibly grow larger down below. They either make use of pumps to draw more blood into their male organ, or start taking growth supplement pills daily. The problem here is these products do not come cheap - men usually end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on them.

Cheap - By opting to perform regular exercises on your manhood, you only need to invest in a little bit of time each morning, and maybe a bit of money on learning the proper technique of doing the exercises. The only tool you require to perform the routines are your own pair of hands. So in this aspect, you certainly save a lot of money as compared to using a pump, device, or pill.

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Easy to do - And although exercising may involve some physical effort on your part, the exercise routines are not a chore at all! All it takes is just a few stretching actions on your male organ using just your hands for only about 20 to 30 minutes each morning. That is just how easy it is to practise the stretching exercises to grow your penis larger!

Highly effective - But that does not mean the results you get out of doing the exercises pale in comparison to what you could possibly get by using the more expensive products! Penis exercising has a fairly good track record of helping men of all race and age gain a realistic amount of size to their manhood. In fact, even doctors recommend practising penis exercises to some of their patients.

Improves your sexuality - Another reason why you should really consider doing exercises on your penis is your male organ's sexual health and fitness will dramatically improve. At the end of the day, you not only will successfully grow your penis larger, but also make it more masculine and sexually adept in order to better fulfil all your woman's needs in bed!

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