I Am Beginning To Hate My Husband: I Despise My Husband And Don't Know Why

One of the most tasking emotions for a woman is when she suddenly realizes that she is no longer in love with her spouse. Although some people scoff at the idea that you can love your husband, but not be in love with him, it is indeed possible. You may feel torn between ending the relationship or trying to continue living in a loveless relationship. If you want to keep your family together, there is a way to learn how to love your husband again. If you have the desire to reawaken the love that was once overflowing between you two, you can do it.

Learning how to love your husband again begins with recognizing the positive qualities about him. Resentment is the cornerstone of many of the problems between couples and if you don't deal with it head on, that resentment can eventually lead to the relationship completely falling apart. It's hard to respect and love someone if you resent them. Starting today make an effort to only focus on the things about your man that you truly love. Perhaps he's an amazing father and he works hard to provide for the family. Look at those aspects and center all your thoughts on them. In addition to thinking only about those aspects of him, talk about them with others too. Drop all negative talk about him and it won't take long before you start to see him in a positive light.

Sometimes, we fall out of love with our husbands because we feel he is neglecting us. Life is often very busy for married couples and they have to juggle things like work demands, children and financial responsibilities. If this has been happening in your relationship you may feel that your husband has started taking you for granted. If you feel this it can eventually lead to you falling out of love with him. Take a step back and look at his life and the stresses he is under. If you can honestly say that he just isn't being as attentive to your needs and you'd like, talk to him about it. If you feel that his life is too full, do whatever you can to help him ease the burden. This act alone can draw a couple back together again and it can help you feel emotionally closer to the man you married.

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Nowadays, people are often too busy with work and other aspects of their lives to take time for their marriages. People tend to work long hours and often take their work at home as well. Houses are not getting any cheaper, and neither are other living essentials. In response to this economic circumstance, individuals work much harder to stay at least a step ahead from poverty. The result of troubled economic times is the slow and inconspicuous destruction of families. Children are left with an empty house after school, and spouses no longer have time or energy to date one another. Keep marriage alive with these easy tips, and save your family's welfare.

* It may sound simple, but those tiny "love notes" can go a long way. It doesn't take much time to scribble those small "I love you" notes to your spouse. Make sure you leave those messages in places where your partner can find them, such as inside a briefcase, a planner, on car seat or maybe in his/her coffee cup. This serves as a simple reminder to your spouse of how much you think about him/her.

* Crack a little joke and avoid being serious all the time. Try to recreate those pleasant times when you and your sweetheart shoved your worries aside and just thought about how much you love each other. Share those funny little jokes and laugh. Smile and share blissful moments with your spouse, whether you are at home or out at the grocery store. Do not let a day pass without sharing a warm and hearty laugh.

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* Try to make time for a "date" with your partner. A dinner date with your spouse is not something that should happen every night. Make sure you don't let appointments get in the way for your weekly or even monthly date with your partner. This habit can do awesome wonders in your marriage.

* Do not let your boring routine of work-home-work-home activities affect your marriage. Do not allow your married life to become boring. Seek different variations in your day-to-day encounters. Ride a bike, travel, swim and run with your partner. Send him a gift at his office. Send her a nice lovely bouquet.

* Surprise your partner for a night full of intimacy once in a while. Don't hesitate to surprise your partner with sexy lingerie or maybe a bed filled with scents and rose petals. Spend a romantic night at a motel or go out of town and leave the kids with relatives for the weekend. Chocolates, candles and scents are irresistible.

* Look for a common interest between you and your partner. If your husband is a big basketball fan, try to purchase local game tickets. If your wife loves live theatre performances, get two tickets for an awesome night out.

Overall, it is not just the amount of time you spend with your partner that matters in the end. How you spend your time together definitely matters. Keep marriage alive and make every moment with your spouse count.

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Recently my wife gave a lecture for a group of ladies in our church. Now this was the title of her talk- "How to Love Your Husband". Before she wrote up her notes she did something important. She did a little research. She asked some of her friends to ask their husbands this question. "What makes you feel loved?"

Each man gave his wife a little different list. But her research drove home the point. Every person is different. We may have different ideas about what it means to be loved. But this is the danger. Most married couples assume what makes us feel loved is exactly the same thing that will make our spouse feel loved. But this may not always be true.

The wise person stops and raises this question to their spouse. "What makes you feel loved?" Perhaps like my wife your wife likes surprises. It does not have to be expensive. In fact, my wife and I do not have a lot of money. But a surprise cup of coffee from Starbucks, a candy bar, or single rose can speak volumes of love to my wife.

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Now this is how my wife sometimes shows love to me. I love brass band music. Before I received my call to the ministry I was on my way to becoming a professional musician. Today I do not play much. But I still love to listen. Last summer my wife gladly traveled with me to Maine (an hour drive) to listen to the Salvation Army New York Staff Band.

My wife is an artist. She also knows that I am more than willing to go to art galleries with her. When we go to the beach in the summer we often stop to look in the galleries at Rockport, Ma. I enjoy watching her study each painting. And finally we both look together at the tag to discover the cost of the art work.

Let me give you this homework assignment. Find a quite place to talk to your spouse. (Not a noisy place with children) Then raise this question to your spouse. "What makes you feel loved?" The question might surprise your spouse. But the answer will give you valuable insight on how you can make a difference in your marriage.

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We all know of the unfading complaint that wives have of their husbands. "He just does not listen to me." "It is like I am not even in the room!" Wives feel that their husband uses the home like a hotel: for the bed and breakfast and nothing more. Not to forget the washed, ironed and folded clothes. This scenario typically causes both man and wife to resort to external outlets for talking and the release of stress. For women it could be the increasingly frequent nights out with friends and for the husbands it means have a boys' night in while the women are out of their hair.

Excursions for both husband and wife are beneficial to the marriage as both can come home refreshed and revived, bringing their vibrancy from their time away into their relationship. The quality of a marriage can be gauged by the feelings going through a person when he is away from his spouse. If he is breathing a sigh of relief the instant he walks out the door, and is weighed down by the heaviness of dread on approaching his home, then there are habits to be fixed, and misconceptions to be cleared.

As a relationship coach, the best advice I can give my clients and whomever else I come across that actually improves the quality time with their husbands is the golden rule of, "30 Minutes of Silence." The rule is simple: for the first 30 minutes that your husband enters the house, do not speak. Do not ask him anything, not how his day was, or when he would like to have dinner, and especially what took him so long to get home! Some women approach me to ask, "How about if I do not hassle him with questions and tell him about my day instead?" That is just as hassling, if not more! Do not ask and do not tell. Anything.

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Here is a fact that very few wives will actually own up to: husbands like to be heard as well. They may not use as many words as we do, and the remarkable aspect is, it is in accepting their silence that they feel understood. Even if he pops his shoes and makes a beeline for the sofa, where he chooses to vegetate on the couch for the next 30 minutes, let him. Giving him this 30 minutes to unwind will make him want to listen to you speak endlessly for the rest of the evening! The only way to have your husband hear you when you speak is to let him feel heard, and the best way to let him feel heard is to simply let him be.

Here is another factor that some wives tend to overlook: giving your husband that time slot to do whatever he wishes still means you stay around him the entire time. Do not use this time to prepare dinner, or finish your own work, or even to see what the children are doing. Your remaining around him at this time, and that too in complete silence will be a prime expression of support and friendship.

Give this a week, or even two weeks. If you remain true to give him these 30 minutes there is no way that he will not notice, and want to reciprocate. Whenever you are running short on patience, or feeling the urge to talk, replace that with a thought of just how it would be to be in an ideal marriage where both husband and wife speak and listen to one another. 30 minutes of silence is a meager investment for such a great benefit.

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