What is it that makes distributors of shoes only buy 1 pair of UK size 9 shoes for women, if any at all? There is a demand, but the suppliers will not supply. And as I have embraced a healthy way of life, I no longer am prepared to wear shoes that are too short or too wide (most size UK 9 women's shoes are wide). I have narrow long feet. And a female body. More importantly, I have a female brain. I identify as female.

Just the thought of wearing male shoes fills me with horror. It is as if I have just woken up, looked down, and found a male body. It must be a nightmare, and I fully sympathize with transgendered people who do not feel their body matches their brain. Well, my body matches my brain, but the shoes match neither. So what to do?

I investigated the thought of having shoes especially made. But after asking several women, they reported that they were not satisfied with the result. It would be nice the find a good shoe-maker, but decent cobblers belong to a trade that died a long time ago, along with the mass-production of cheap shoes.

Then I went through a period of wearing almost-unisex shoes, in a male size 8 or 9. Not only were they far too wide, but they also made me feel like I was not female. Back to the trangendered feeling. I have been lucky to be born with a brain to match my body, so why can I not buy shoes that match my brain and body?!

I have even worked in shoe shops, where the owner would ask the distributor for more size 9 shoes, all to no avail. If we were lucky, one size 9 pair would be delivered. It usually sold out on the same day.

Then there is another problem. I teach people to respect their bodies and do what their heart truly desires. And what my heart truly desires is a feminine pair of shoes that fits, that does dot cause (further) bunion problems, and that I can walk in. In the meantime, I wear unisex trainers. As a semi-professional sports-woman, I can easily get away with it. I need them to do my job.

After all this ranting, I want to remember the Reiki principle of "I give thanks for my many blessings". I am lucky to have two pairs of trainers, albeit not in a very good condition, that actually almost fit. One of them looks feminine enough. I am lucky to have shoes in the first place. Many people in this world cannot afford even one pair of shoes.

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