From the Heart of a Parent

I have looked at my life as being full of ups and downs. I say this knowing full well that my ups and downs are really mountains, deserts, and canyons, and most times I feel like I’m falling into a pit.

My thoughts don’t change when I think about my life as a parent.

I’m a mom. I was single once, then married, then single WHILE married, and knew that my actions would have a horrible effect on my children. Where does that place me as an entrepreneur?

I’m not perfect and this is from my heart as I see it.

As a parent, the struggles are much more than how to care for a child monetarily. The struggle is how to care for a child emotionally, financially, trying to leave a legacy, educationally and spiritually. The downs seem to get worse as I try to diagnose each issue with the relationship with my children. The canyons get deeper and deeper, and I never see a way out.

Emotionally I try to hold on. I try to hold onto hopes, dreams, and future successes as a way to SEE past the former years. I try to get financially fit in order to take care of the day to day concerns, and make way to my first million. I am working hard, as a mom, to build businesses that will leave a legacy behind for my children (now, getting close to their adult years) and my grandchildren. YET, I am still drained by doing it all, and still knowing I am NOT perfect.

Oh and yes, the spiritual side of things! There was only ONE perfect person, and that was the Son of God and His name was JESUS. The spiritual sides of things take me to another level where I, as a parent, know I can’t fulfill all the needs through material THINGS. The spiritual side tells me that I should continuously look up despite the ever increasing black hole that is about to consume me. It’s the light before the hole closes that says, God is still up there and hang on. Well, okay, but, the darkness has me in a place where I can still hear “You’re not perfect!”

Earlier I asked where does that place me as an entrepreneur. Serial Entrepreneur in my case it places me right back at the first day I had my first child, exactly 21 years ago this Christmas. It places me back on the corners of Alone Avenue and Seeking Success Boulevard making me see that 21 years ago didn’t look too bright, but look at all the time in between.

Hmmmm, all the time in between?

Early high school graduation for one; athletic hopeful for another, all round kid mogul for another. Okay, I have been truly blessed by the lives of my children regardless if they didn’t get a 4.0 grade point average, didn’t get a scholarship, or didn’t go to an Ivy League college. My children are the best things that have ever happened to me even though I’m not perfect. Even though I don’t do what the world wants, God has shown me how my failures have turned into successes through my children. Even if it is NOT what the world things it should be. Thank God for grace, mercy AND favor.

I’m not perfect; you’re not perfect. As parents we can only do the best that we can. I know that if my life were to end today, everyone knows I did my best, and my children are wealthy in the spiritual sense because of the legacy I have left behind with the connection I have had with God. There was nothing in the hand book of life (the Bible) that says I have to be perfect. It is just for me to raise a child in the way they should go (Pro.22:6) and my children have proven they will come back to it.

Author's Bio: 

Dana Marie (bka-Dana Neal) was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. She is a wife, mother, and CEO (Christian Encouragement Officer)for many businesses and organizations. Dana Marie started writing in elementary and high school where she wrote short stories in her spare time and poetry for her schoolmates. Dana Marie works hard to establish business and personal connections that will last a life time.As a motivational speaker and writer, Dana brings lifestyle coaching to the lives of others helping them to see their future through new eyes!